How to Save on Airport Parking

Save up to 70% by booking parking near the airport, instead of at the terminal.

How to Save Up to 70% on Airport Parking

1. It’s cheaper to park near the airport, then it is to park within the airport and terminals.

On-site airport parking could cost from $20-$30 per day. Some airports, like Chicago O’hare ORD, can even be $61 per day.

There are much cheaper parking options that are located close to the airport, usually within 1-3 miles, depending on the airport. Those parking lots nearby the airport provide free shuttle transportation to drop you off and pick you up so you can avoid the terminal traffic yourself.

You can search and compare available parking lots on this website as to view these cheaper prices.

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2. Search for airport parking coupons & discounts.

Certain parking lots and websites give out coupons & discounts. Subscribing to website emails or following a website on social media often leads to discounts.

On our website, you can search for $6 coupons for certain airports. These coupons are only redeemable on this website.

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3. Get parking packaged with a hotel stay.

You can get discounted deals when you package up these two services. Consider staying at a hotel near the airport at the start or end of your trip. Some hotels will allow you to leave your car there for a packaged price.

You can leave your car parked at the hotel, and take the provided hotel shuttle to the airport. The hotel shuttle will pick you back up when you arrive from the airport, and you can pick up your car from their parking lot right after. A package deal like this will help you save compared to a booking a hotel stay and parking on the airport separately. It also useful if you have a long drive in the morning or night to the airport, and you would rather rest in a hotel room the night before your flight.

You can search this site for hotels that offer hotel stay, parking, and shuttle package bundles .

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4. Get Dropped Off At Airport

If a friend or family member can’t drop you off curbside at the airport, you can book a car service and compare prices and benefits of parking near the airport. Ride shares are an option, but they can get expensive with surge pricing at prime hours. There is also the issue with ride sharing options not being able to drop you off at the terminal itself.

You can avoid ride share issues, and the hassle of asking people around you drive you by booking an airport shuttle. Shuttles are pre-reserved, so they come at the time you ask. Shuttles are allowed to drop you off at the airport terminals.

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