WestJet Flight Tracker - Check Your Flight Status

Are you flying on WestJet or picking a WestJet traveler up from the airport? You can find the updated flight status on this page. You can see live arrival and departure information, and you can even keep an eye out for delays and cancellations. Don’t know your WestJet flight number? As long as you know the departure or arrival city, you can find your flight through this page here.

If your flight does get delayed or canceled, WestJet has some policies you should be aware of, and it depends on where you’re flying. WestJet will let you know of any delay changes within 30 minutes of becoming aware of it. 

For flights in the U.S., if your delay is longer than three hours, WestJet will provide a food voucher for you. If you’ve been delayed overnight, WestJet will help with hotel and food vouchers, up to three food vouchers per day. 

If you’re flying out of the European Union and you get to your destination airport more than three hours after the scheduled arrival time and the delay was within WestJet’s control, you may be eligible for compensation in accordance to European Air Passengers Rights Regulation 261/2004. 

Mexico flights that have been delayed between 1-4 hours will have food and beverage vouchers available, or if you’d prefer a discount, they also have a 7.5% discount for your total ticket price. If the flight has been delayed for more than 4 hours, you’ll be eligible for compensations. WestJet will also provide accommodations for those who have been delayed overnight. If you want to file for compensation for a flight in Mexico, just know that you have 10 days after your flight to file your request. 

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