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All William P. Hobby Airport Parking Lots...

Houston Marriott South

Houston Marriott South

Excellent (474 Reviews)

Marriott Service, a Guaranteed Spot, and Free Airport Transportation! The shuttle leaves the hotel for the airport EVERY 30 MINUTES, at the top and bottom of every hour (0900, 0930, 1000, 1030, etc).

Review on Aug 21, 2017
"Driver was friendly and courteous; great price; great location"

Key Airport Parking

Key Airport Parking

Excellent (54 Reviews)

Multiple shuttles running 24 hours a day.

Review on Aug 22, 2017
"Convenient location, easy access, quick service."

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Houston Hobby Airport Guide:

William P. Hobby Airport, 7800 Airport Blvd, Houston, TX 77061, www.fly2houston.com

Small, But Satisfying

IAH is the king of airports in the Houston area, but HOU (William P. Hobby Airport) has its strong points as well. For being a small commuter hub, HOU sure doesn't fit the usual mold. Here, you'll find many of the benefits available at larger airports all packed in to this relatively smaller floor plan. 

The Advantages of Traveling Through HOU

Houston Hobby Airport recently went through some renovations giving it a more contemporary feel. The airport now looks up to par with other modern facilities. Given its small size, HOU is relatively easy to navigate and you won't tire yourself out moving from one gate to another. Gates are arranged in a straight line, and spread out evenly. 

Also, since it's less crowded than other airports, you won't have to wade your way through a sea of travelers to get around. You also won't have to wait in super long lines at any of the shops or eateries. 

Electronics users will be happy to know there are many outlets available in the terminals. Some seating areas even have outlets in the chairs. Rapid charging stations are also available for mobile devices. 

How HOU Falls Short

First off, it is impossible for an airport of this size to contain all the amenities found at bigger travel hubs. With that said, Houston Hobby Airport still does a pretty good job of offering the most a small airport can. You won't find a huge selection of restaurants or shops here, but you'll definitely find something to hold you over. 

Flights coming through here in the late afternoon and early evening seem to have bad luck. Thus, passengers are subject to weather delays and late flights. The problem is that since HOU is such a low traffic airport, finding another late flight out is next to impossible. 

Houston Hobby Airport provides Wi-Fi access for visitors, but it's not a connection you should count on. It's easy for your laptop or smartphone to find the signal, but it's difficult to get a successful connection. 

How to Enjoy Small Airport Life

Perhaps the best thing to do at HOU is to enjoy the environment itself. As mentioned before, this airport is small and slow paced, making it the perfect venue for some relaxation. It's the perfect place to grab a bite to eat, and then sit back to listen to music, read, or nap.

If you feel like walking around a bit, you may want to check out Discover Houston Space City. This airport shop offers souvenir items unique to Houston and its history in the space industry. 

The Places to Eat at HOU

When searching for a place to eat at Hobby Airport, remember this rule: stick to the Pappas. The Pappas chain of restaurants has great customer service and quality food. The following Pappas affiliated restaurants are your best bet at HOU. 

Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen (at the food court) definitely deserves a visit when you get to Hobby Airport. This is a solid choice for an airport eatery, and offers a wide variety of seafood dishes. If you're not familiar with this restaurant, try the Glazed Cedar Plank Salmon or Pan Seared Tilapia. If you're looking for a true southern treat, check out one of the seafood gumbos. They also offer salads and burgers for those who prefer options other than fish. Pappadeaux is on the expensive side, even for airport food, but you can rest assured that their food is consistently good. 

If you're near Gate 40 in the Central Concourse, you can find some great burgers at Pappa's Burgers. Aside from offering the traditional cheeseburger, they have several specialty styles such as the Frito Pie Burger (which is actually topped with fritos) and the Peppercorn Ranch Burger. The burgers here are just as huge as they are delicious. Pappa's also serves chicken sandwiches, hotdogs, and a small selection of seafood. A full bar is available in case you want to relax with a beer or mixed drink. 

Pappasito's Cantina is the Mexican food arm of the Pappas chain. If you choose to eat here, you can expect to savor the authentic taste of a Tex-Mex meal. Some of the popular dishes include the enchilada plate and the fajitas platter. Their plate portions are generous, and you'll likely be taking some Tex-Mex leftovers with you on the plane. If you're in the airport during morning hours, check out Pappasito's breakfast quesadillas or the hearty breakfast plate. 

Another Word of Advice

Don't come here with the same expectations you'd have for a big city airport, and you'll have a satisfying time.
Got an opinion on the above or advice for fellow HOU travelers? Tell us on our Facebook page!