Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC) - Live Flight Status & Delays

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If you are visiting Salt Lake City International Airport, you've come to the right page to plan ahead. Our flight tracker is the ideal tool to plan your upcoming airport trek. It will pinpoint your specific flight so you can have a hassle-free trip. You can arrive on time, in style, and even compensate for any SLC flight delays. All it takes is three pieces of very simple information. Just enter your airport, flight time, and flight direction to access a full list of all flights meeting that criteria.

Salt Lake City International sees a lot of activity. It is the 4th largest hub serving Delta airlines. It sees a massive 343 scheduled flights every day. It ranks first for on-time flights and departures and experiences few delays. It does see a high percentage of cancellations, however, ranking first in 2017. Being an airport that services over 20 million travelers per year, SLC is not an airport you just visit. So plan ahead from the comfort of home and let our tracker keep tabs on your flight.

Our tracker is airport-specific. It uses both time and flight direction to pinpoint your SLC departure or SLC arrival. The results are presented in a list. The list displays flight number, airline, and estimated time of arrival or departure making it easy to locate yours. Once you find your flight, you can select it from the list and get more details. We will provide the gate number, terminal number, and actual flight times so you can track your SLC flight status to the minute.