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San Jose International Airport may be the smaller of the two Bay Area airlines but it still sees over 10 million passengers per year. It has three terminals and provides service to most major airlines as well as a host of minor ones. It is used primarily for short shuttle flights to Los Angeles or neighboring Seattle but can reach destinations as far out as Japan on the international side. If you are planning a future SJC trek you have arrived right where you want to be. Our flight tracker makes checking SJC flight status easy so you can prepare for anything.

SJC does not see many flight delays but they still happen due to various reasons. The highest amount of SJC delays occur in the winter, but you can be fully prepared thanks to our tracker. Simply enter the airport, flight day, and flight time and we will track down your specific flight for you. Our search results are airport-specific and provide flight number, airline, and estimated flight times so you can find your plane with ease. Click on your flight and we will provide the terminal number, gate number, and actual times for your SJC arrival or departure. You can ensure a successful trek to and from SJC with little to no hassle.