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Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is the main gateway to the Seattle metropolitan area. It is the largest airport in the Pacific Northwest and 8th busiest airport in the United States. SEA services most major and minor airlines, with over 40 million passengers per year. It's an international gateway to Asia, but SEA is also a popular destination for bad weather. It experiences a moderate amount of delays every year. It's easy to get lost in the fog of activity surrounding SEA, but our flight tracker will guide you through that fog so your visit can be simple.

Our tracker provides SEA flight status accurate to the minute. Simply enter in the airport, day of the flight, and flight direction to receive a full list of all flights matching that criteria. The list will feature airline, flight number, and estimated flight times to help you find your specific plane. Once you do, click on it to open a page full of specifics. We will provide the terminal number, gate number, and actual flight times for your SEA departure or SEA arrival. You can plan for delays, arrive on time, and make your trek an easy affair.