Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) - Live Flight Status & Delays

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If you have an upcoming trip to PIT then look no further! You have come to the right place to make your airport trek a success. Our flight tracker provides all the information necessary to meet your PIT arrival or drop off your PIT departure right on time. You can be ready at the gate when your loved one arrives, or drop them off for their flight with time to spare. It is simplicity itself. All you need is the airport, flight day, and flight direction.

Pittsburgh International Airport is the second busiest airport in Pennsylvania. It serves over nine million passengers per year and is a popular spot for many low-cost carriers. It sees its share of seasonal weather and experiences a fair amount of delays in winter. Luckily, our flight tracker is accurate down to the minute so you will be well aware of any PIT flight delays. You can compensate for you PIT arrival and PIT departure no matter the time frame. Once you enter your information, our search results will show all flights matching those criteria. You can see flight number, estimated flight times, and airline. Click on your flight once you find it to access gate number, terminal number, and actual flight times. Visiting the airport has never been easier.