Kansas City International Airport (MCI) - Live Flight Status & Delays

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Kansas City International Airport is the main airway serving Kansas City. It is mostly used by Delta and Southwest airlines with around 170 flights taking off during its peak times. The airport has experienced a huge increase in volume over the last few years with over 10 million travelers passing through in 2018 alone. The airport is also under a lot of construction with plans for a new central terminal in effect. MCI does not see a lot of bad weather but has problems with wildlife, so it experiences flight delays as well. 

All you need to access our tracker is the airport, flight direction, and flight time. Our flight tracker will provide an airport-specific list that focuses on either MCI departures or MCI arrivals. You can scroll down and find your flight with the information that is available. The list will feature the airline, flight number, and estimated flight times. Once you locate your specific flight click on it to access even more information. Our tracker features terminal numbers, gate numbers, and actual flight times. You can track your MCI flight status from start to finish and be well aware of any delay way before it occurs. So enter your info and free yourself from the hassle.