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If you're planning an upcoming visit to DTW, you're right where you need to be. Our flight status tracker is the perfect tool to make your DTW visit a stress-free affair. All we need is the airport, flight day, and flight direction. Our tracker gives you DTW flight status down to the minute, so you can fully prepare to pick up or drop off your loved ones with next to no hassle (which is ideal when visiting DTW).

Detroit Metropolitan Airport is the 18th busiest airway in the United States. It is the second-largest hub for Delta Airlines, services 39 states, 30 international locations, is a popular choice for Detroit tourists, and sees around 30 million passengers every year. Nestled below the thumb of Michigan's hand, DTW is no stranger to nasty weather. It experiences its fair share of delays with a higher concentration during the winter months. Navigating such a nexus of activity can be quite the chore, luckily our flight tracker makes it easy.

We generate an airport-specific list of all flights that meet your criteria. You can scroll the list to peruse airlines, flight numbers, and estimated flight times. Once you find your plane, click on it to get more specifics. We provide terminal numbers, gate numbers, as well as actual flight times for your DTW departure or DTW arrival!