Delta Air Lines Flight Tracker - Check Your Flight Status

Are you flying Delta or picking someone up from a Delta flight? You can find the most up-to-date information on your flight status here. There’s information on arrivals, departures and delays as well. We can’t prevent cancellations and delays, but we’re here to help you be as prepared as possible. 

 In 2018, Delta only canceled 0.4% of their flights, peaking in January and March. 13.7% of their flights experienced delays, and the delays happened most in June. Check back in our live flight tracker before your flight to make sure you’re getting the real-time updates. Or find the airport here if you don't know your flight number. 

 If there are known delays, the airline will let you know within 30 minutes of when they find out about the delay. If you’ve missed a flight, Delta with typically automatically book you onto the next available flight. For extended delays and cancellations within the control of Delta Airlines, you may be provided with hotel accommodations or credit to be used for hotel. 

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