“Wow, That’s Invasive!” The TSA Gropes Passengers

“Wow, that’s invasive!” said a tall man in tan slacks, after a TSA agent demonstrated the manner in which passengers will be getting patted down in US airports.We have the idiot-islamic would be terrorist Abdul whatever his name is to thank for this new rule.

Travelers to the US from Cuba, Iran,Syria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria will all get this special TSA massage, which has either the male or the female agent groping way, way up the legs feeling around for bombs and other bad stuff that may be hidden from them.

It’s going to cause a lot of friction and a lot of bad feelings. Imagine a Saudi sheik, flying into Kennedy in his private 747, and still having to undergo the indignity of having an infidel reach up under those white robes and feel around his groin. Oh boy, I can’t wait to see what happens then.

Or how about an opera singer, a diva, flying into New York for a show at the Met. She’s Nigerian and now a grubby looking TSA woman has her fingers right up near her privates. Oh boy, this is going to cause lawsuits and more. Stay tuned.