What You Can and Can’t Take on a Flight

The escalated security in airports today hasn’t just made getting through the terminal more stressful – it also makes packing the proper bag even more of a chore. So, why make the airport check-in process more difficult for yourself? Don’t fret any longer about what you can and can’t bring on board with you. Follow these dos and don’ts for carry-on contents and never be overwhelmed by travel again.

Bring on Board

Thinking of bringing a wrapped present for Aunt Bebe onboard? While it’s acceptable to carry gifts on the plane with you, be advised that airport security might ask to unwrap the gift to properly inspect its contents. Thus, if you can swing it, leave the gift unwrapped and take care of the paper and bows at your destination.

Nonflammable Liquids
Even the infrequent traveler knows that most large containers of liquids in a carry-on are a no-no reserved for the checked bags. However, remember this handy term that’s often blasted through airport intercoms: 3-1-1. Simply put, 3-ounce containers of liquids are allowed in your carry-on if they can all fit in a single 1-quart clear baggie. That means small perfume bottles and travel-size shampoos are the perfect flying companion.

Infant Care
Whether it’s baby formula, gel teething rings or jarred baby food, all of these items are allowed on board when traveling with Junior. Just let security know that you have these items on you, as you might need further screening before flying.

Shoe Inserts
Everyone loves the feel of cushy gel inserts when you have to walk the long airport terminals (no one likes unhappy feet). Gel shoe inserts were banned for some time, but the TSA changed its policy and now allows inserts to be worn in airports and airplanes.

Other items that are allowed in your carry-on include portable electronics, medication, knitting items, and batteries. So knit away while listening to some soothing tunes!

Check These Items

Sharp Objects
This is simple enough: Sharp objects are never allowed on an airplane. Yes, most people have the common sense to know that they shouldn’t bring a box cutter or ice pick onto their flights. But some people do forget to pack away things such as personal pocketknives and even scissors. If you really need to travel with these items, you can place them safely in your checked bag.

Sporting Goods
Excited about your next golfing vacation? We’re sure you are! Still, you have to leave the 7-iron and the rest of your clubs nestled safely in your checked luggage.

While bringing alcohol on a flight is not permitted, travelers are allowed to pack up to five liters of alcohol in a sealable container within their checked baggage. The only stipulation is that the alcohol content cannot exceed 70 percent.

Many items just come down to common sense – if you think the TSA might find issue with it, it’s probably best to check it. You’ll thank yourself later when going through airport security is a breeze.

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  • Paul

    my view…check everything you can, only carry on what you absolutely need to have with you on the plane. It’s an old idea that checking bags takes so much longer. Most airports will have your bags within 10 minutes from the time you reach bagggae claim. If you’re worried about the cost, more and more airlines are charging even for carry-on luggage now. You can mitigate that by flying Southwest (which doesn’t charge) or, on other airlines, being in their business or frequent flyer programs. If you’re worried about the baggage handlers, buy yourself a decent suitcase.

  • JM

    When I called the airline to ask about 3-1-1 they said the total liquid amount was 3.4oz TOTAL for carry-ons. Can you clarify – do you mean multiple 3.4oz bottles are allowed as long as they fit in the quart ziplock? I specifically asked if a bottle of hand sanitizer and shampoo were ok and they said no.