Thong or Granny Panties? The Scanner Can Tell

On CNN today, a story was published about how in Britain they will be bringing in full body scans, eventually with the goal of putting every passenger through the machines before boarding.   The article had a photo of a man in a black shirt with his arms raised, and the resulting scans on the machine.

The photo of the scan showed that he had a pen in his pocket, and that he was wearing what appeared to be woman’s underwear, or at least let’s just describe it as a bikini brief. Now, would you like it if some TSA dude could see what you’re wearing under your clothes? Get ready, in the months ahead, you’ll have to just grin and bear it.

While these scans do a pretty good job showing whether she’s got on a thong or granny panties, the point is that they should also show anything that’s been cleverly taped inside one’s underwear, like a bomb. One commenter on the CNN story sounded disgusted..”a rough flight, rude people at the airport, and a full body scan that shows your underwear…and are those scans safe from radiation?”

Truly, this might turn out to be a tough year for travelers, and we’ll no doubt see more and more of these invasive full body scans in the months ahead. They’ve also got machines that detect explosives, so soon more and more airports will use these machine that make a puff noise when you’re inside them. Ugh, I’m not sure I’m as excited as I usually am for my next trip.