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Vancouver International Airport Organizes for End of 2010 Winter Olympics

As the saying goes, “all good things must come to an end.” The 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver will end on March 1st. According to U.S.A. Today, 39,000 people will travel from the Vancouver International Airport – from athletes, their coaches, reporters, spectators and many others. The airport is now preparing for the large crowds that will arrive at the airport around the March 1st date.

The opening ceremonies began on February 12th and some Olympic athletes came to Vancouver well before that date. Many others came just as they were expected to for their sport exhibit time. But as the closing ceremony on February 28th all will be ready to head for home. Whether they have won their gold, silver or bronze medals – or simply enjoyed the pleasures of participating in the world’s most exciting International athletic sports event. The Vancouver International Airport hired actors to play passengers to prepare for a large check-in. Nearly 10,000 Olympic related travelers will be processed at a new auxiliary terminal built just within the past three months for this specific purpose.

Both Air Canada and United Airlines have remote check-in areas at the Olympic village. Olympic athletes can conveniently check-in, drop off their luggage and obtain boarding passes at these check-in locations 24-hours before their flights.

Every detail has been thought of, including a newly designed luggage cart ideal to stack skis, snowboards and large pieces of luggage. An airport employee designed this new luggage cart and 140 were created and are available at the Vancouver International Airport, ready for Olympic travelers.

Whether you were one of the proud Olympic participants, a coach or an enthusiastic fan – there’s simply nothing like the Olympics. The 2010 Winter Vancouver Olympics was wonderful. Congratulations to all Olympic athletes!

Vancouver International Airport Preparing for Winter 2010 Olympics

In Vancouver, Canada the Vancouver International Airport is preparing for the 2010 Winter Olympics. According to MSNBC.com, things are buzzing at the airport as they prepare for Olympic athletes and fans from around the world to descend upon the Vancouver area for the Winter 2010 Olympics. This is a very exciting time for Vancouver and the Vancouver International Airport.

It is anticipated that approximately 230,000 Olympic athletes, coaches, fans and others will travel through the Vancouver International Airport this winter 2010. The airport states it has been planning for the 2010 Olympic games since 2003 – since the games were first announced. In preparation Vancouver officials have traveled to other Olympic game cities and their airports to develop the perspective one can only have from first-hand experience.

The Vancouver International Airport is expected to have many Olympic themed souvenirs available. Six stores in the airport will sell Olympic themed merchandise – with additional stock available should they need it quickly. With so many people traveling through the airport in such a short period of time, restocking is an expected occurrence for popular Olympic merchandise items.

The airport is also preparing for visitors by offering free WiFi and a 24-hour telephone translation service for 170 plus languages, ideal to make any Olympic athlete or fan comfortable in the Vancouver International Airport. The airport staff, volunteers and shop employees have also undergone special training so they can answer questions they will be asked related to the Olympics. This will make travel easy and convenient for Olympic travelers will who likely be curious as to how to travel through Vancouver or to reach the Olympics.

Whether visiting the Winter 2010 Olympics in Vancouver – or watching them from home – we hope you enjoy these exciting winter games!