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Heart-Healthy Vacation Ideas

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Need an excuse to take a vacation this month? February is American Heart Health Month and everyone knows a little R&R is great for your body’s most important muscle. With these five heart-healthy vacation destinations, you can getaway while giving your body and soul a much-needed boost.

Keep Warm When the Weather Outside is Frightful

Stay Warm in Winter

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When temperatures drop into the single digits, the sidewalks get icy, and gallons of hot chocolate don’t seem to do the trick, why not indulge in a bit of wishful thinking and imagine yourself somewhere warm?

The TSA’s Top Finds

There’s no shortage of end-of-year top-ten lists going around, but we think this might be our favorite.

The TSA – which has a much more entertaining blog than one might expect – has published its list of the Top Ten ‘Good Catches’ of 2011.

From adorable wildlife to plastic explosives, after reading this, it’s hard to blame them for making us take off our shoes.

‘Tis the Season for ‘Best of’ Lists…

And we’re here go give you the Best of the ‘Best of’ in the world of travel.

Got that?

Here’s a great one from travel expert Wendy PerrinThis year’s Top Travel Specialists.

And when it comes to airport parking? We all know where those in-the-know go.

Carjack Drama At Salt Lake Airport

A man was arrested on suspicion of carjacking and other more minor offences on Friday at Salt Lake City Airport. Having stolen a vehicle at gun point just outside Salt Lake City the suspect was followed to and intercepted at the airport by Utah Highway Patrol. Joe Enriquez, 38, later admitted he had planned on “ramming the vehicle into the airport.”