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Changes to Parking at Tulsa International Airport

It has been reported that free parking at Tulsa International Airport is due to come to an end very soon. This is the decision of the Tulsa Airports Improvement Trust, who say that the previous policy of offering 30 minutes free parking in the short term lot is due to be altered in the coming weeks. Instead, people looking to park in the Tulsa International Airport short term lot will have to pay $1 for the first 30 minutes followed by $2 an hour after that.

This will come as a blow to people looking to make use of Tulsa Airport parking, and the decision was built into a package of measures that also included the purchase of some new seating for the airport terminal at TUL.

Drivers who previously used the short term free parking option to pick up passengers from the airport are advised to call ahead to passengers before coming to collect them from the baggage claim area. However, this could potentially be inconvenient for some travelers who relied on the free parking to minimize their costs.

One alternative solution would be to make use of one of the off-site parking lots close to TUL. Here, passengers can choose from a range of parking options and can often save money on the cost of their airport parking. They will also be able to benefit from a free shuttle service that will take them from the off-airport parking lot direct to the airport terminal, an option that proves to be convenient for many and could be useful for those inconvenienced by the TUL parking changes.