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AirTran Now Available at Tampa International Airport Tampa Florida

Tampa, Florida travelers can now travel using AirTran from the Tampa International Airport. According to (Tampa Bay Online), the first flights will travel on June 12th to Grand Rapids, Michigan. AirTran flies Boeing 737s for their flights.

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Enjoy Holiday Entertainment At Tampa International Airport Florida

Tampa, Florida travelers can enjoy holiday entertainment all holiday season long at the Tampa International Airport. The Tampa International Airport will have a wide variety of professional and amateur entertainers in to perform at the airport especially for the holiday season. These holiday performances are something travelers certainly won’t want to miss.

Many holiday travelers will want to enjoy the lovely performances by local schoolchildren. Musical performances by local schoolchildren include the Thomas E. Weightman Middle School’s chorus and the Hudson Middle School’s jazz band. Whether you are traveling this holiday season, or visiting the airport especially to hear the holiday entertainment this is certain to be a holiday season Tampa travelers and residents will enjoy and remember!

There are many performances planned. Some include the following according to the Tampa International Airport website:

Dec 15th 9:30am Williams Middle School – orchestra and band

Dec 16th noon Walden Lake Elementary School – chorus and choir chimes

Dec 17th 6:45pm Girl Scout Troops – chorus

Dec 19th 4pm Santa’s Revenge – rock band

Dec 21st 10:30am Thomas E. Weightman Middle School – chorus

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Another Tour Operator Agrees on Travel Promotion Act

Explore Arizona Tours Supports “Travel Promotion Act”

Another tour operator agrees with Bill Clinton and many others in support of this new bill.

 Explore Arizona Tours supports the “Travel Promotion Act” (S. 1023). The “Travel Promotion Act” was passed by the U.S. Senate on 9/9/2009 will be presented to the House. The proposed legislation would create a public/private partnership with the intention of promoting the United States as a premier travel destination.
If passed by both the House and the Senate the “Travel Promotion Act” will:
1.     Create new U.S. jobs (estimated at approximately 40,000)
2.     Increase new consumer spending by up to $4 billion (according to Oxford Economics)
3.     Reduce the federal budget deficit by up to $425 million (according to the Congressional Budget Office)
Tyson Bailey of Explore Arizona Tours said, “We think it’s definitely time for the U.S. to get out there and talk about the good stuff. International travel is a huge industry and while we see a good number of international travelers they are usually here for a few certain hot spots like the Grand Canyon.  There’s so much to see and do that just isn’t made known. We think this sort of program could go a long way towards changing that.”
Proponents of the proposed legislation like Explore Arizona Tours ( point out positive effects that increased international tourist traffic would have on the struggling U.S. economy. The average international visitor spends between $4,000 and $5,000 per visit. The immediate influx of new consumer funds would go a long way towards alleviating the tense state of the economy for the American public.
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Tampa International Airport Offers Flu Vaccine to Flyers

Tampa, Florida flyers will be pleased to know they can obtain the flu vaccine as they travel from the Tampa International Airport in Tampa, Florida. The airport will offer five kiosks with the flue vaccine starting October 1st according to U.S.A. Today. The first of October is considered to be the start of flu season.

This is a great convenience for Tampa travelers as the flu is a common illness during the fall and winter months. Getting the flu vaccine is an excellent way to protect yourself. The airport kiosks will offer the standard flu vaccine and not the swine flu vaccine. The vaccine costs $35 for an injection.

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Enjoy the U.S.A.’s Best Airports and Off Airport Parking

Yahoo! published an article on Monday of this week in their Travel + Leisure section with statistics from the Bureau of Transportation. These statistics aren’t the type that will help put you to sleep at night – they’ll easily help you find the best airports in the U.S.A.!

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Let’s review the top five airports across the U.S.A. according to Yahoo!

1.    Salt Lake City International Airport
2.    Portland International Airport
3.    (Tie) Ronald Reagan International Airport Washington, DC (DCA) –and- Minneapolis  St.Paul International Airport
5.    (Tie) Los Angeles, CA LAX International Airport  –and- San Diego International Airport, CA –and- Tampa International Airport, FL