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If I’m Not a Bigshot, Does My Tweet Matter?

How important do you have to be to have your Tweet matter to Southwest Airlines?

This was the topic of a story on CNN today, after movie director Kevin Smith was booted off a Southwest flight for being too fat.

“Dear @SouthwestAir – I know I’m fat, but was Captain Leysath really justified in throwing me off a flight for which I was already seated?” Smith tweeted at 6:52 p.m.In less than 20 minutes, a Southwest Tweeter came to his rescue, offering him a chance to send a direct message which later led to a $100 voucher for a future trip. But next time, heknows, he’ll have to buy two seats, since his girth exceeds the airlines rules for passengers ‘of size.’

Would a regular Joe have gotten this same attention?Well, maybe say a few Social media experts.JetBlue, for example, has six people monitoring the Twittersphere with their ears to any complaints praise or other comments about their service. “We consider ourselves more of an information booth rather than a customer service counter,” public communications manager Morgan Johnston said.

But Southwest didn’t exactly fix the portly director’s problem, since he still had to get off the plane and fly later.So the next time you get in a jam, reach for your iphone and post a cute Tweet. It might be useful in getting you a voucher, or at least a reply.

Southwest’s Green Plane Saves Fuel and More

The Green Plane is Southwest’s newest initiative in a company-wide effort to save money and fuel.OUr friend Johnny Jet flies about 150,000 miles a year and takes fastidious notes of every mile in the air. He recently wrote about Southwest Airlines media day where they unveiled a new plane that will clean up the way airlines do business.

From the nose to the tail, this 737, the airlines only model, will be much greener.It starts with the little things: they’ve replaced those awful styrofoam cups with eco-friendly paper ones with built-in sleeves to keep the cup from burning passenger’s hands..

The plane is equipped with NextGen satellite-based navigation, which means flying more direct routes and emitting less CO2.

The plane’s carpet is made of recycled materials, they have lighter fake-leather seats which save 2 pounds per seat.They even use smaller lifejackets to save weight.

They use Pratt and Whitney’s eco wash system which removes grime from the engines in an environmentally safe way that saves fuel and makes the engines last longer.

In other news, the conpany’s CEO told him flat-out that Southwest won’t be charging for bags this year, or even for a second bag. Let’s keep our fingers crossed on that.

Good News for NW Florida, New Airport and Southwest!

 Coastal Vision 3000 Chairman Buddy Runnels applauded Southwest Airlines’ announcement of its intent to serve Northwest Florida beginning in May 2010 when the new Northwest Florida – Panama City International Airport opens.


“This is a great day for our entire region,” said Runnels.  “We are so humbled by Southwest Airlines’ vote of confidence in our region. The Northwest Florida business community, from Perdido Key/ Pensacola to Carrabelle, has a lot to be proud of today.  We did this together, and our entire region will benefit.  It’s a real game-changer for tourism and economic development in Northwest Florida.”


Community delegations from Pensacola to Panama City have advocated for Southwest service for many years.  These efforts have included the development of a range of community-based incentive packages, commitments of marketing support and a pledge to serve as a true regional partner for the nation’s leading low-fare airline.


Each of the airports in the region sought service from Southwest, while the business community focused on winning service from the low-cost carrier, regardless of which airport was chosen.


“Coastal Vision’s focus has been on bringing low-cost service and more competitive airfares to Northwest Florida,” said Runnels.  “Southwest Airlines said they were interested in Northwest Florida as a regional destination. It is now our responsibility to come together as a region and maximize this opportunity for everyone and begin looking to the future instead of the past.”

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Can Southwest Make Enough in Goodwill by Not Charging Bag Fees?

Every time I fly on Southwest Airlines, I understand what my friend, Charlie Leocha says about the most profitable carrier in the US.  “They’re winning over hundreds of new customers every day, because they aren’t charging the baggage fees that the other guys are…it’s making them more money in good will than United or American are making in extra revenue.”

Now that may be a bit of a stretch, but if you’ve flown in the past year you know the drill.  You’re usually on a regional jet, a narrow airplane with smaller than usual overhead bins. You get in the plane, unlucky that you’re boarding close to last, and there’s no more room up in the overhead. So you have to give your carry-on suitcase to the flight attendant to check, even though you didn’t want to check it to save that $15 or $25 fee. So you don’t pay the fee but have to schlep the bag back through the plane in front of everyone after the embarrassing experience of not being able to fit it in that tiny overhead.

Contrast this with Southwest…they don’t even charge you for the second bag you check, so of course, their overhead bins aren’t crammed full. Plus they don’t fly needle-thin regional jets,  they only fly Boeing 737s, so there is always enough room.

Can Southwest capitalize on not charging fees and gain enough new passengers to make it worth it to them?  They do have a point; better to charge for upgraded services like business class seating than for things people once took for granted like shipping luggage.

Southwest Air Pleases Customers with WiFi Service

Customers flying Southwest Airlines will be pleased to know they can enjoy Wi-Fi services fleetwide on the airline. The Row 44 Satellite service will begin in the first quarter of 2010, starting a steep competition between Southwest’s Row 44 and Aircell’s Gogo Inflight Internet Wi-Fi Services.

Southwest apparently has tested Row 44 service on four aircraft since February 2009 and has received great customer feedback. While Southwest is at a Wi-Fi competitive disadvantage until it catches up with several major airlines that do have the Gogo service, they are confident about Row 44.

Row 44 has been tested to use not only laptops but iPhones and other Wi-Fi enabled devices such as smartphones. This service is a great convenience not only for the busy business traveler but for the techy family traveler on-the-go.

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