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Big Changes at John Wayne Airport

On November 14, John Wayne airport will open Terminal C, its largest expansion since 1990 – and they did it on schedule and on budget!

For Southern California travelers who prefer to avoid LAX, this is good news. Read all about it!

Valet Park at Irvine Marriot at Orange County Airport in Orange County, CA

You’ll want to choose Irvine Marriot at Orange County Airport when you need airport parking. They are just a few blocks from the entrance to John Wayne Airport (Orange County Airport). Irvine Marriot at Orange County is open 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. You can easily take their airport shuttle to and from the airport daily from 5am – 11pm. You’ll reach the airport quickly and conveniently.

Irvine Marriott at Orange County Airport even has a Starbucks on location for your convenience. Get your favorite coffee drink before you catch your flight – or on your way home as a special treat. This is the perfect way to wake yourself up as you catch that early morning flight for that business meeting.

Valet Park at Irvine Marriott for Airport Parking at Orange County Airport in CA

If you are leaving from the John Wayne Airport (Orange County Airport), you’ll want to use the Irvine Marriott for airport parking. Best of all – they offer convenient valet parking so you simply drop your car and they find the best space in the airport parking facility for your car.

The Irvine Marriott airport parking facility is open 24-hours a day and 365-days a year. So you can take that holiday flight or leave early in the morning or very late in the evening – and know you can easily get a parking space at Irvine Marriott with little trouble. Use their convenient airport shuttle to get to the airport easily and quickly. You’ll be on your flight on no time!

They are only half a mile from the airport. Many people enjoy the Starbucks located on site. Get your favorite coffee drink as you are dropping your car before your trip!