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The TSA’s Top Finds

There’s no shortage of end-of-year top-ten lists going around, but we think this might be our favorite.

The TSA – which has a much more entertaining blog than one might expect – has published its list of the Top Ten ‘Good Catches’ of 2011.

From adorable wildlife to plastic explosives, after reading this, it’s hard to blame them for making us take off our shoes.

‘Tis the Season for ‘Best of’ Lists…

And we’re here go give you the Best of the ‘Best of’ in the world of travel.

Got that?

Here’s a great one from travel expert Wendy PerrinThis year’s Top Travel Specialists.

And when it comes to airport parking? We all know where those in-the-know go.

Carjack Drama At Salt Lake Airport

A man was arrested on suspicion of carjacking and other more minor offences on Friday at Salt Lake City Airport. Having stolen a vehicle at gun point just outside Salt Lake City the suspect was followed to and intercepted at the airport by Utah Highway Patrol. Joe Enriquez, 38, later admitted he had planned on “ramming the vehicle into the airport.”

Salt Lake City International Airport Rated #1 for On-Time Departures in U.S.A.

If you’re traveling out of Salt Lake City, Utah – you’ll be pleased to know that your flight will probably be on-time. Salt Lake City International Airport rates #1 for on-time departures in the U.S.A. according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics from April 2008 through March 31, 2009.

Just 12% of the flights from Salt Lake City International Airport were delayed longer than fifteen minutes. That’s a great difference from some airport long wait times! has long understood the importance of on-time, fast and friendly professional service. Whether you choose a self-park or valet off airport parking facility through, you can count on us to greet you quickly and to park your car (valet) or you guide you to your designated parking spot quickly (self-park). Our fast, friendly and professional service is well-known. Just visit our website at and you’ll see tens of thousands of customers across the U.S.A. have left five-star reviews for our parking facilities. We’re proud to serve you 365 days of the year (including holidays)!

When flying from Salt Lake City International Airport choose from the following off airport parking facilities:

Diamond Parking –  Self Park

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Enjoy the U.S.A.’s Best Airports and Off Airport Parking

Yahoo! published an article on Monday of this week in their Travel + Leisure section with statistics from the Bureau of Transportation. These statistics aren’t the type that will help put you to sleep at night – they’ll easily help you find the best airports in the U.S.A.!

Airports are judged on on-time flights and other characteristics important to choosing an airport. Just like the U.S.A.’s best airports, has received many customer evaluations, showing its value and performance level at their off airport parking facilities across the U.S.A.. You can easily see that your chosen airport has off airport parking facilities that will be professional, friendly and offer speedy service to get you to the airport on time – every time!

As you visit the U.S.A.’s best airports, remember to reserve off airport parking through for your vacation, business trip or other summer plans. Off airport parking is the #1 choice for savvy travelers when it comes to travel time and getting to the airport easily and without hassle or stress.

Let’s review the top five airports across the U.S.A. according to Yahoo!

1.    Salt Lake City International Airport
2.    Portland International Airport
3.    (Tie) Ronald Reagan International Airport Washington, DC (DCA) –and- Minneapolis  St.Paul International Airport
5.    (Tie) Los Angeles, CA LAX International Airport  –and- San Diego International Airport, CA –and- Tampa International Airport, FL