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Disruption At JFK

A man who used a stolen ID card and old boarding passes featuring names not his own in order to illegally board at flight at JFK airport was arrested at LAX this week. The man is said to be Nigerian-born and he used up to 10 different boarding passes in order to get through the heavy security in place at the airport and make his way onto a flight.

He apparently used the same method to fly to Los Angeles International Airport, where he was arrested and accused of being a stowaway on a plane. He was trying to board a plane to Atlanta from LAX when the arrest took place.

It wasn’t the only disruption at New York’s John F Kennedy Airport this week, either. On a slightly lighter not – on the morning of Wednesday 29th June, dozens of flights were delayed by 150 terrapin turtles in search of beach.

It might sound like something out of a comedy show, but planes were forced to divert to alternative runways as the turtles crawled across the tarmac. The animals were looking for somewhere to lay their eggs and evidently had become confused in their search for a suitable place. JFK Airport staff had to then make their way onto the tarmac to rescue the turtles and transport them across the airport facility. As a result, flights were delayed by an average of up to 30 minutes.

Following the above incidents, flights from JFK Airport are said to be operating normally once more.

New calls for NYC Airport expansions

A new study buy the Regional Plan Association concludes that new runways are needed at Newark & JFK where delays and cancellations often cause a ripple effect of chaos throughout US airspace. The report also admits that doing so will be difficult as extensive development surrounding the 2 airports makes the liklihood of expansion very difficult as it says makes expansion at New Yorks other airport, LaGuardia, impossible. The recent East Coast blizzard is cited as confirmation of how ineffective the NYC airports are at coping with cancellations.

Snow hits JFK, Newark & LaGuardia again

Most domestic flights were canceled until the afternoon on Wed 12th Jan at JFK, Laguardia and Newark as adverse weather conditions once again affected travelers. Though the snow wasnt as heavy as Dec 26th city officials were keen to restore the city’s reputation at dealing with snowfall following criticism faced during the December blizzard and city Mayor Bloomberg declared a weather emergency well before the snow began to fall.

Milwaukee Airport Gets Hi Tech Security Scanners Before JFK

With some bemusement amongst many passengers passing through the relatively sedate General Mitchell International, the Milwaukee Airport with litte history of any kind of terroist attack has been fitted with the latest hi tech body scanners before even JFK, LaGuardia and Newark Airports. The Transport Safety Administration cites installation difficulties at the New York airports in response to criticism that it has got its priorities wrong. The controversial scanners which in effect produce 3d images of passengers naked bodies will be rolled out to the New York and all other major airports that are currently without them in the coming weeks and months.

LGA Airport To Get Greater Bird Safety Measures

Last week the department of US transport announced further measures to reduce the number of birdstrikes over the City Of New York, specifically around the area of the trash transfer station less that half a mile from LaGuardia Airport.

This new measure is brought forward in response to the meeting in June of last between US representatives and the US secretary for transportation in which the potential risks to aircraft and human life were outlined.

Gary Ackerman, one of the representatives said “Although we remain opposed to this garbage transfer station being constructed so close to LaGuardia’s runway, we applaud these additional safeguards.”