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JetBlue Terminal at JFK Offers Gourmet Treats to Travelers in New York

Terminal 5 at JFK Airport may seem to some like the latest hotspot or a popular new restaurant – but really it is the JetBlue Terminal and their new gourmet offerings for travelers to enjoy. The JetBlue Terminal according to The Daily News has introduced nine full-service restaurants when it opened last year, Six celebrity chefs including Roberto Santibanez of Rosa Mexicano are consultants for the popular new airport restaurants.

Many travelers are enjoying the new and delicious food you can find at the airport. When some thing of “airport food” often the idea of bland or every day fast food comes to mind. But the JetBlue terminal certainly offers a unique service to New York travelers as they come through the John F. Kennedy International Airport. They can enjoy a fine meal for lunch or dinner before catching their flight – or even just after their plane has touched down.

When you choose off airport parking through, you’ll always have the time to stop and get a great meal at the JetBlue terminal at JFK. Best of all, you’ll also have the extra funds to treat your family and loved ones to a special lunch or dinner – as off airport parking through can save you up to 50% off what you would pay parking directly at the airport.

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JFK and LGA deal with overpopulation of geese

Five months ago the country applauded Capt. Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger who landed his plane in the Hudson River in New York City after hitting a flock of geese. Both John F. Kennedy and LaGuardia airports have decided to be proactive to lessen their goose population.

Approximately 2,000 geese will be removed and then euthanized to benefit airport safety. JFK and LGA are both taking the hazard of flying birds very seriously. This time of year was chosen to deal with the problem as it is molting season for geese and they are unable to fly away.

The “Miracle on the Hudson” impressed and amazed us all as Capt. “Sully” gently landed his plane in the cold waters of the Hudson. We all remember the passengers standing on the wings waiting to be rescued before the plane sank. While some may still have trouble thinking that geese or birds could be a serious problem – one only has to point to this recent example to understand just how serious an issue they can be.

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Source: ABC News

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JFK is one of the most popular airports in the country. Dropping off or picking someone up at this airport can be a real challenge with the many gates and flights. You can make your travel time much easier by driving your family to the airport yourself instead of catching a ride with family or friends. It is both reasonable and inexpensive to park your car at Air Park. Airport parking is quite competitive when you compare it with taking a cab or other forms of transportation to the airport.

Air Park has valet service to take good care of your car once you arrive. They will easily park your car in the airport parking facility. The parking facility is open 24-hours. You can also take Air Park’s convenient airport shuttle bus both to and from the airport to every terminal at JFK. As Air Park is only five minutes to JFK, you’ll arrive at any terminal easily and quickly.