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It seems that some airports are turning to rising their parking rates to increase revenue as the number of passengers decreases. According to U.S.A. Today, Minneapolis St. Paul, LAX Los Angeles, Honolulu International Airport, Little Rock National Airport, St. Louis International Airport, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, Detroit, Boston-Logan International Airport, Pittsburgh International Airport and Oklahoma City’s Will Roger’s International Airport have all raised their rates for airport parking during 2009. Chicago O’Hare and San Diego Lindberg Field have stated that they will raise their parking rates soon. Fortunately, you can always count on off airport parking from for top-quality services and competitive rates.

At many of our locations, travelers discover they can save up to 50% off what parking directly at the airport would cost. Especially today with the current rate increases at airport parking, these savings are more important than ever. Best of all, you’ll enjoy top-quality service while paying a very competitive rate for your off airport parking. is known for our friendly, professional and speedy service. At most of our locations, you can expect to be greeted with a fresh, hot cup of coffee and a copy of the daily newspaper to enjoy with your flight. At all of our locations you’ll certainly be greeted with a warm smile and our off airportparking attendants are dedicated to helping make your travel time just a bit easier. We’re just as concerned that you make your flight as you do! All of our off airport parking facilities have complimentary airport shuttles to get travelers quickly and easily to the airport. Many of these shuttles work on-demand, leaving as travelers are ready to go.

Visit our website and discover why we are a five-star rated service by our customers time and time again. We look forward to serving you for your travel needs – and giving you your very own five-star experience!


Choose Off Airport Parking From Little Rock National Airport Arkansas

When flying from Little Rock, Arkansas travelers will be pleased to know they can choose off airport parking from Little Rock National Airport. Off airport parking saves you both time and money. Many off airport parking customers save up to 50% off what airport parking costs when they choose off airport parking. That’s a great savings to have when planning your summer vacation, business trip or other travel plans.

Best of all you’ll enjoy top quality customer service with off airport parking. At off airport parking facilities, you can count on friendly and professional service. Many off airport parking facilities offer their customers a fresh, hot cup of coffee and a copy of today’s USA TODAY to start their day. Off airport parking facility staff members are ready and available to assist you with any need. From having bulky luggage you need an extra hand with to having car trouble and needing help changing a flat tire when you return from a trip.

When traveling from Little Rock National Airport, choose from the following off airport parking facilities:

Expressway Parking – Self Park

Expressway Parking – Covered

Choose Off Airport Parking When Traveling From Little Rock National Airport Little Rock Arkansas

Little Rock, Arkansas travelers know exactly why they should choose off airport parking for their summer vacation. These travelers know that travel time to the airport is one of the biggest challenges they’ll face when planning their vacation. Choosing off airport parking makes your vacation smooth and easy.

It all begins when you make your GUARANTEED RESERVATION at’s 24-hour website. Just a small deposit reserves your parking place for your entire summer vacation or trip. Whether it is a quick get-away or a much longer vacation – only a small deposit is required. Your reservation can be made at any time convenient for you – just before leaving for your morning run, dropping the kids off at preK or before you go grocery shopping. A single mouse click makes your reservation quick and easy!

Little Rock, Arkansas vacationers know that they’ll receive five-star customer service when they choose off airport parking through You’ll be greeted with a warm smile and your car will be taken well care of while you are gone on your vacation. If you discover you have trouble starting your car upon your return…off airport parking will be glad to give you a jump or help you to call for service. If you need help carrying your luggage, off airport parking attendants will be happy to assist you with your luggage both to and from the airport terminal.

When traveling from Little Rock National Airport, choose from the following off airport parking facilities:

Expressway Parking Self Park

Expressway Parking  Covered

Use Off Airport Parking for Travel Through Little Rock National Airport Arkansas

As you travel from Little Rock National Airport, you’ll find it both convenient and cost-effective to use off airport parking. When you plan a trip for business or to visit family, you don’t want to have to worry about the logistics of your trip. Sadly, so many that travel wind up wasting too much time planning and re-planning their trip to the airport. Sometimes they ask a friend or family member to drive them…..and maybe that person winds up having a conflict so they just can’t drive them on that day. Or they decide to call a cab, only to discover through the nail-biting experience that the cab winds up being late – and they arrive at the airport to watch their flight take off at the Little Rock National Airport! Certainly, there has to be a better way than this.

Reserving your off airport parking in advance through is fast and easy. Customers are often surprised at how much money they save using the serving – up to 50% off the on airport parking facility prices. Off airport parking actually winds up being much more convenient as these facilities have free airport shuttles that will help get you directly to your terminal. You can easily self park your car – so you know you’ll get a parking space exactly where you’d like your car to be!

When traveling out of Little Rock National Airport, consider this off airport parking facility:

Security Airport Parking

Competitive Parking at Security Airport Parking in Little Rock, AR

Security Airport Parking boasts that they offer the lowest parking rates at the Little Rock International Airport. If you have a business trip or are taking a family vacation – you’ll be sure to want to use Security Airport Parking for a very reasonable price and excellent service. Did you know that Security Airport Parking will gladly meet all of your flights? What a great service, to know that they will come to pick you up at the airport on your return trip home.

They are located just a mile from the airport so you’ll be at your airport terminal in mere minutes. Use their free airport shuttle bus to get to and from your flight easily and conveniently.

More than twenty customers have left reviews of Security Airport Parking. Here is what one customer had to say, “I appreciated the fact that we could have somewhere safe to leave our vehicle while flying. It made the trip so much easier, and the shuttle buses were a great help in making this happen. The attendants were very friendly and helpful.” We know you’ll be just as pleased using this airport parking facility in Little Rock, AR.