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JetBlue Expands Service in NY & DC

JetBlue announced that, starting this summer, it will double service at Ja Guardia and Ronald Reagan airports, and start providing daily service to three Florida airports.

On a personal note, as someone whose most frequently-flown route is Los Angeles to New York, I am endlessly grateful for JetBlue’s service from Burbank to JFK and back, so I hope this brings some easier travel to you East Coasters!

File Under “Duh”

According to the New York Times, half of all US flight delays are caused by New York area airports.

We’re shocked. Are you shocked?

Milwaukee Airport Gets Hi Tech Security Scanners Before JFK

With some bemusement amongst many passengers passing through the relatively sedate General Mitchell International, the Milwaukee Airport with litte history of any kind of terroist attack has been fitted with the latest hi tech body scanners before even JFK, LaGuardia and Newark Airports. The Transport Safety Administration cites installation difficulties at the New York airports in response to criticism that it has got its priorities wrong. The controversial scanners which in effect produce 3d images of passengers naked bodies will be rolled out to the New York and all other major airports that are currently without them in the coming weeks and months.

LGA Airport To Get Greater Bird Safety Measures

Last week the department of US transport announced further measures to reduce the number of birdstrikes over the City Of New York, specifically around the area of the trash transfer station less that half a mile from LaGuardia Airport.

This new measure is brought forward in response to the meeting in June of last between US representatives and the US secretary for transportation in which the potential risks to aircraft and human life were outlined.

Gary Ackerman, one of the representatives said “Although we remain opposed to this garbage transfer station being constructed so close to LaGuardia’s runway, we applaud these additional safeguards.”

Southwest Tries to Start a Mini Price War in Boston

Southwest Airlines is very good at getting the word out about their fares. Just the other day, their Twitter account was ringing with all sorts of up-to-the-minute reports about their debut of service out of New York’s LaGuardia airport. This airport is famous as being the source of many of the great big delays that plague our hub and spoke system. The problems start here and ripple all the way to Cincinnati.

Bringing Southwest’s famous tongue-in-cheek service and no frills way of doing business is a good thing for La Guardia airport. They offered fantastic deals to anyone on the first day’s worth of flights, and now they’re bringing service to Boston Logan.

On August 18, service will begin from the Hub and here are Southwest’s opening deals. One way fares will be as low as $30, $60, and $90, depending on where you travel. Up to 400 miles will go for $30, up to 750 miles, $60, and more than 750 –$90!  You’ll have to add in some extras like taxes and fees, and must purchase these deals by July 9, for travel from Sept 9 through November 18. Oh, and no Friday or Sunday trips.

So far the deals are wide open, since this is new service…so it’s likely you’ll get your seat if you go there and book it right now. www.flyswa.com.  This might be the start of a mini-price war, says an airline expert.

“While airline ticket prices have stabilized recently from their free fall, airlines are by no means out of the woods as oil prices remain volatile and demand precarious,” said Rick Seaney, chief executive of FareCompare.com, in an e-mail this morning. “Later today we should see significant airfare matching activity (even for the modest 2-day purchase period on the Southwest sale) as legacy airlines will not want to be undercut.”