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Featured Lot – Airport Center at LAX

Shuttle to LAX

Time for another great parking partner – this time in sunny Los Angeles – as part of our Featured Lots program, highlighting some of our best parking partners from around the US and Canada!

Why is there an ‘X’ in LAX?

The smart folks at Mental Floss recently told us something we didn’t know about airport codes…

From the @mental_floss Twitter feed:

“When three-letter airport codes became standard, airports that had been using two letters simply added an X — which explains LAX.”


And while we’re on the subject of airport codes, how much of an expert are you? Take the Mental Floss Airport Code quiz!

JFK, LAX, & More To Get Expedited Passenger Screening

Not everything on the TSA’s blog is style over substance (see our last post.)

Back in November, we talked about some of the ways the TSA was considering making security screening more efficient for the lowest-risk travelers. (Read the original post here.)

After a pilot program at several airports in the fall, the PreCheck program will roll out to some of the nation’s busiest hubs in early 2012.

These kinds of changes may be just what the travel industry needs after a very bumpy few years.

The TSA’s Top Finds

There’s no shortage of end-of-year top-ten lists going around, but we think this might be our favorite.

The TSA – which has a much more entertaining blog than one might expect – has published its list of the Top Ten ‘Good Catches’ of 2011.

From adorable wildlife to plastic explosives, after reading this, it’s hard to blame them for making us take off our shoes.

Your Sneak Peek at LAX’s new Bradley West Terminal

While driving to the terminal at LAX this Thanksgiving, you may have caught a glimpse of the work-in-progress Bradley West International Terminal, scheduled for Phase 1 opening about a year from now.

But for you, dear readers, we’ve got an inside look at this badly-needed update to LA’s international travel hub.

(Even in its current state, it’s cooler than the one we’ve got now!)