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Celebrate with Double Points!

Airport Parking Rewards Double Points through 12/18We’ve got a lot to celebrate this year… A brand new look, new parking partners all over the US and Canada, and mostly, our fantastic customers who keep us growing and getting better every day!

So we figure it’s time to give back. From today through December 18th, Airport Parking Rewards members will earn Double Parking Points on everything – from reservations to reviews to referrals.

How Much Do Americans Spend on Holiday Travel?

With much of the media fanfare focused on gift and entertainment spending during the winter holiday season, you may not realize that Thanksgiving and year-end holidays are also the busiest travel times of the year. In 2012, Americans collectively spent $14 billion on Thanksgiving travel expenses and $58 billion on year-end holiday travel, according to data from the third annual American Travel Behavior Survey.

Check out the New!

Have you noticed things are looking a little different around here? That’s because we’ve got a brand new look!

We’ve also added a bunch of features that make it easier then ever to find and reserve the perfect parking space for your next trip, including:

*      Clear, simple checkout and receipt

*      Beautiful smartphone and tablet display

*      More parking lot information, and new ways to sort your options

And now is the perfect time to take it for a spin, because Thanksgiving parking reservations are going fast – grab yours today!

How to Save on Holiday Travel

When it comes to holiday airfares, room rates, and car rental rates, it’s all about supply and demand. The more you stand out from the crowd by traveling on less popular dates and booking before everyone else, the better off you’ll be.

Happy July 4!

It is as American as apple pie and baseball to watch fireworks bursting into the air on July 4, and there are festivities scheduled that holiday in what seems like every city and town in the country. However, there are five cities that stand out.