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Families Travel Comfortably Through the Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport

Minneapolis St. Paul family travelers will be quite pleased to know that the Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport has kept their comfort very much in mind. The airport offers a number of services specifically for families. According to the Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport website www.mspairport.com, these family services are available to families traveling through the airport.

Children will especially enjoy the two spacious play areas available at the Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport. The play areas are available at Concourse C and also on Level 2. The play areas were custom made by a local company, Blue Rhino Studio and were funded by the Airport Foundation MSP. The play areas are large, with 1,000 square feet each and have a mock airplane and other airline themed attractions ideal for children at play.

Parents will also appreciate both the MSP Family Center and the Nursing Mothers Room. The MSP Family Center is in the Lindbergh Terminal and is a quiet place ideal for parents and their small children. It has comfortable seating, rocking chairs and a crib. You can find this center in Concourse E. The Nursing Mothers Room is in Concourse C and is available for mothers who want to nurse their baby or provide breast milk for their baby for a bottle.

These are wonderful features to the Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport, so ideal for family travelers. At AirportParkingReservations.com, we’ve always tried to keep family travelers well in mind. You can count on our off airport parking facility staff to help you with heavy or bulky luggage so you can hold a little one’s hand or simply place your entire attention on them. At AirportParkingReservations.com, Minneapolis St.Paul travelers can count on us for friendly, professional and speedy service – every time!

As you travel from the Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport, choose from the following off airport parking facilities:

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Hilton – St. Louis Airport


Source: http://www.mspairport.com/passenger-services/families.aspx

Remember to Choose Off Airport Parking From Lambert-St.Louis International Airport

St. Louis, Missouri travelers can look forward to choosing off airport parking from AirportParkingReservations.com for their next vacation or business trip. Off airport parking is the #1 travel time choice for the savvy traveler. It’s easy to see why: when you choose off airport parking you save both time and money.

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Summer vacations aren’t something you want to leave up to chance. In today’s world of non-refundable airline tickets, missing your flight can mean for many families the difference between taking a vacation – or staying home for the week. Don’t miss your special family memories. Choose off airport parking reservations and you’ll know your summer vacation plans will run much smoother and easier.

When traveling from the Lambert-St.Louis International Airport, choose from the following off airport parking facilities:


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Hilton – St.Louis Airport


Choose Off Airport Parking from Lambert-St. Louis International Airport

When traveling from St. Louis, Missouri, you’ll use the Lambert-St. Louis International Airport. You’ll want to choose off airport parking for the most convenient and easy travel time to the airport. Most travelers complain that the travel time to and from the airport is one of the most stressful experiences of airline travel. Selecting off airport parking through AirportParkingReservations.com means you avoid the stress and hassle – and simply focus on enjoying your trip!

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These travelers know that off airport parking is the ideal choice for ease and convenience. Some travelers have tried calling an expensive cab – sometimes it shows up late…or doesn’t even come at all. This is a dangerous risk to take with expensive airline tickets! Others have asked a friendly neighbor or friend to drive them to the airport. Only to discover that this person has last-minute plans – and is unable to drive them – leaving them to find an alternative at the very last minute! Off airport parking is easy and convenient. Your family leaves for the airport at the time you decide is best. Your car is available upon your return when you are ready to start out for home again.

Best of all, off airport parking is 50% less than airport parking. Just about every traveler can appreciate such a great bargain when they are planning their summer vacation!

When traveling from Lambert-St. Louis International Airport, consider the following off airport parking facilities:


Doubletree Hotel St. Louis at Westport

Hilton – St. Louis Airport