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Atlanta Airport To Sell Bonds To Complete New Terminal

Atlanta Airport is to pay an extra $30 million in lease payments to its major airline carriers, effectively in the form of bonds. The aim is to keep plans to complete a new terminal at Hartsfield Jackson on track for completion in 2012. The Airport has already raised taxi charges and parking fee’s, a move which has benefitted some off Airport parking lots.

Delays At Atlanta Airport Can Affect US Airspace Nationally

A recent study of increased delays at US airports can in large part be attributed to any delays at Atlanta Airport. Staggeringly any delays at Hartsfield Jackson, recognised as the worlds busiest airport can affect the entire domestic US airspace!

Despite ATL being ranked 29th out of 31 major airports for on time performance last year it has siginicantly increased in 2010 and is now ranked 16th. Many worry about the future of ATL and whether it is taking significant action to deal with an expected increase in long term passenger numbers.

Hartsfield Jackson International Airport Ranked the Busiest Airport in the U.S.A.

Hartsfield Jackson International Airport was ranked the busiest airport in the U.S.A. according to federal data on 2009 airline traffic. According to, the Atlanta airport has stayed the busiest airport. Other busy airports include Chicago O’Hare, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Denver International Airport and Los Angeles International Airport. If Atlanta travelers think the airport has been busy – they won’t be surprised to know there were 41.7 million travelers through the Hartsfield Jackson International Airport during 2009. It’s easy to see that the Atlanta airport has been busy during 2009 – 2010 is likely to be just as busy with family vacationers and business travelers using the airport.

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Airline Travelers Help Fund Federally Mandated Airport Improvements in U.S.A.

As you travel across the U.S.A., in some airports a small fee may be added to your ticket price to help pay for federally mandated airport improvements. According to, at the Hartsfield Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia, travelers pay this additional fee and a portion of it will help pay for artwork for the new terminal.

Other improvements are planned. The first piece of artwork called “Veneers” by Amy Landesberg has been selected. Landesberg is an artist from Decatur, Georgia. $1.5 million of the funding for the Hartsfield Jackson International Airport will pay for the this first major piece of artwork. Additional improvements are planned for the airport. The new Maynard Jackson International Terminal is scheduled to open in 2012. These federal funds will assist in paying for the construction of this terminal as well as other projects at the airport.

It is ideal that airports are adding improvements to consider traveler’s ease, convenience and aesthetics as well. Every traveler should enjoy the experience of going through their local airport. These changes to airports will enhance airports near you as changes are made with travelers well in mind.

How Much Would You Pay to Nap?

How many times have you been in an airport terminal barely able to keep your eyes open?  What would you have paid to be able to curl up in a bed and catch some zzzzs?  In Amsterdam’s Schipel airport, there are leather chaise lounges that recline…and people wait in line in order to sit in them. You can drift off to sleep and even plug in your devices in handy outlets attached to the seats.

Nap rooms are even better. They offer a chance for privacy, a flat bed, television and WiFi, right in the airport terminal.  A company is betting that US travelers will fork over $30 per hour in order to enjoy this level of rest.  USA Today reported that Minute Suites will open 7′ x 8′ napping rooms in Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson airport this month.

San Francisco International plans to follow suit. It’s hired a California company to design 14 rooms of about 90 square feet for its international terminal. The rooms will have similar amenities. But they lack certain amenities that might make them a hard sell–no bathrooms.

Customers who pay the $30 for an hour of rest still have to schlepp out and use the public bathrooms in the terminals.