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Raleigh Durham and Miami International Raising Airport Parking Rates

One way airports pay for costly maintenance and renovations is to raise rates for premium, on-airport parking.

Raleigh-Durham Airport (RDU) and Miami International Airport (MIA) are doing just that, raising the daily rate of all on-site parking spaces to $12 and $17 respectively.

This follows last week’s parking rate increase at Sacramento Airport (SMF).

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Traffic Up at South Florida Airports

It has been reported that the summer tourist season has bought an increase of passengers to airports in the South Florida region. As well as domestic traffic, the airports in question are also popular with holidaymakers from Latin America and elsewhere, which has helped to contribute to the boost in airport traffic despite modest growth elsewhere.

For instance, Fort Lauderdale Airport has reported an increase of around 8%, while Miami International Airport enjoyed a 9% passenger boost over the year so far. Most of this increase has been down to the continuing popularity of the region as a place for vacations.

This increase in airport traffic can have an impact on passengers looking to park their cars when they are due to take a flight; if you are planning to fly out of either FLL or Miami International Airport, it is definitely worth booking and confirming your airport parking in advance to make sure you get a space exactly when you need it.

One popular option for many travelers is to park in one of the off-site parking lots close to either FLL or MIA, depending on which airport they’re flying from. One of the benefits of using an off-airport parking lot is that it can often save money on the cost of airport parking, and the lot operators also offer shuttle services to take travelers from the lot to the relevant airport terminal.

This can help to reduce the possibility of congestion at the airport and also makes sure travelers are guaranteed a space if they book in advance – if traffic is going to continue to boom at South Florida airports, it certainly makes sense for passengers to reserve their space before they fly.

Increased Parking Competition for Fort Myers (RSW) Airport

It’s all about choice: that’s the message for travelers flying out of Southwest Florida International Airport, where competition is increasing between the airport parking garage and off-site lots.

The revenues generated by the on-airport parking services are significantly up on last year, but changes in the pricing structure means that long term parking now costs more for those travelers who choose to park their vehicles at the airport.

This trend has led to many travelers choosing to park at one of the off airport lots servicing Fort Myers Airport parking, where it is possible to get lower rates. Plus, despite the growth in revenue seen by the on-airport parking service, the off site parking lots have also seen their business grow by 5-10% year by year suggesting there are many benefits to be had from parking your car in one of these locations.

Off site parking has been available close to Southwest Florida International Airport for the past eighteen months and a new off airport lot opened just a couple of months ago, showing the growing demand not only for flights from the airport but also for alternative parking arrangements away from the airport.

The conclusion from all of this is that choice is important. Customers need to feel as though they are getting a good deal from their choice of airport parking and while on-site lots are still convenient for many, when other travelers weigh up the odds, they are increasingly finding better deals at those off site lots serving the airport.

Gas Stations Near Orlando Airport Warned

For many years some gas stations close to Orlando Airport have been tricking customers into paying nearly $5. Responding to cries of foul play from tourists filling up rental cars the city council has instructed all gas stations in the City that they must clearly label prices on the forecourt and not just at the pump itself.

American Airlines Applies For Brazil routes from Dallas & Miami Airports

American Airlines has filed for permission with the Department of Transport to operate flights from Dallas Airport (DFW) to Rio and Miami Airport (MIA) to Brasilia. The service could start from November this year.

The proposed flights from Miami Airport to Brasilia will be the first of its kind for a US carrier. American Airlines will be able to offer connecting flights to Miami from over 40 US cities.

These routes will be in addition to the already agreed route from JFK to Rio which will begin in November. Such moves shows AA’s interest in connecting the US to latin America, specifically fuelled no doubt by the growth of Brazils economy.