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Don’t Throw Away Your Airline Ticket Stubs!

A friend of mine is just back from Tunisia, which is quite a long way away from our shores. She has some advice for anyone who travels frequently, and wants to make sure mileage is credited.  She suggests that travelers should keep their ticket stubs just like they’d keep their tax returns. Because the only way to prove you took a trip is with that little piece of white paper.

“After returning from Tunisia, I noticed that my Delta Sky Miles account wasn’t properly credited for the flight home. This alluded me because I properly handed the Sky Miles card to the airline agent while in Tunis and watched him type in the numbers and then hand the card back to me along with an airline ticket.

When I returned home, I tossed the ticket stubs in the garbage. I didn’t need them anymore.

But, alas, the Tunis agent must have punched in the incorrect numbers because the transaction never made it to my Sky Miles account.

I’m currently battling corporate to rightly give me the miles but they refuse to budge without that small, torn-up piece of white paper. It’s as if they treat a ticket stub with more importance that a passport or luggage.

But, here’s the part that really makes my blood boil. Corporate can see from their computer records that I boarded both flights. Proof of my traveling from Tunis to JFK with a connecting flight in Paris on January 1, 2010, is easily retrievable from their extensive passenger data-banks. They don’t dispute that.

Lesson learned: keep that receipt so you can mail it to the airline in case of a dispute!

Now There’s a Better Place to File Airline Complaints

Got a beef about an airline? Now you have an even better forum in which to display your disgust and register an official complaint to try and get some action. In the Atlanta Constitution, the USTA is said to have launched a redesigned version of the website, which has a direct linkto the agency’s web form for filing complaints about service, safety, security or disability and discrimination.

How many of these complaints are sent in? Well, Delta had a total of 95 complaints out of its nearly 5.3 million passengers who boarded their planes that month.  Doesn’t seem like much but it’s the industry high.

Airtran beat its bigger brother out with just 15 complaints in a month.

You wonder, though, just how many more complaints there were which never got emailed in. How many just remained grudges…and come time to travel again, you’ll be sure that person would choose a different airline.

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Count on Savings from Off Airport Parking through AirportParkingReservations – Delta adds on $5 bag charges

Starting August 4th, Delta will add a $5 surcharge for passengers who pay for checked bags at airport ticket counters, kiosks and curbs. The costs vary, from $20 for the first checked bag to $30 for the second checked bag.

Other airlines have added fees, such as U.S.Airways when you pay at the airport. United Airlines and Continental Airlines also have fees.

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It is unclear exactly why airlines are adding additional fees for checked bags. But it is a good thing to know that off airport parking through is still just as competitively priced as ever!