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4 Ways to Save on a Cruise

Cruise package prices usually include accommodations, some activities, on-board entertainment, baggage handling, some food and the use of any public facilities on the ship. However, there are several other charges to be aware of when planning a cruise. Port fees and taxes are added, and these vary depending on the port location. Some local governments may also add a head tax, which is an extra fee per passenger to help cover the cost of maintaining a port’s infrastructure.

Top Travel Trends for 2013

The Northern Lights are among 2013's top travel trends

photo credit: HJSP82 via photopin cc

It seems the big American travel trends for 2013 are all about adventure.  The popular travel destinations won’t be in vintage Europe or sparkling Caribbean Islands.  Tourists will be drawn towards new more exotic destinations, the roads less traveled.

My First Cruise, the Reality! – by CEO Thomas

CEO Thomas learned about cruise reality aboard his first ship

As promised, CEO Thomas is back to tell us whether or not his first cruise met his expectations (and whether that’s a good or a bad thing!) Read on…