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Continental to launch service from Newark to Port Au Prince

Continental Airlines is planning to start a non stop service from its Newark Airport hub to Port Au Prince, Haiti. Pending Government approval flights will begin on June 9th this year and become a daily service from July 1st. A Boeing 737-800 will be making the route and will include a business class cabin.

Count on Savings from Off Airport Parking through AirportParkingReservations – Delta adds on $5 bag charges

Starting August 4th, Delta will add a $5 surcharge for passengers who pay for checked bags at airport ticket counters, kiosks and curbs. The costs vary, from $20 for the first checked bag to $30 for the second checked bag.

Other airlines have added fees, such as U.S.Airways when you pay at the airport. United Airlines and Continental Airlines also have fees.

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It is unclear exactly why airlines are adding additional fees for checked bags. But it is a good thing to know that off airport parking through is still just as competitively priced as ever!