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Parking at Denver Airport? Don’t!

Construction recently began on Denver International’s airport train station and hotel, shutting down a road that connects both sides of the terminal. That means travelers taking the shuttle from the airport’s remote lots will no longer be dropped off at the terminal – they’ll be dropped outside a garage, and made to haul their luggage another 200 yards to the airport.

Worse yet, it’s going to be like that for – wait for it – several YEARS.

Fortunately, we’ve got convenient, affordable parking options at Denver International. Check them out, and save yourself a lot of trouble!

The Secret Life of Denver International Airport

In order to combat the endless parade of holiday-themed blog posts, we bring you a dose of conspiracy.

Phallic symbols. Swastikas. The New World Order. An underground secret military base. Hidden Masonic symbols.

If you’re a fan of Anderson Cooper or Stephen Colbert, you may already be familiar with a few of these conspiracy theories about Denver International Airport.

Our friend The Cranky Flier delves a little deeper…

‘Tis the Season for ‘Best of’ Lists…

And we’re here go give you the Best of the ‘Best of’ in the world of travel.

Got that?

Here’s a great one from travel expert Wendy PerrinThis year’s Top Travel Specialists.

And when it comes to airport parking? We all know where those in-the-know go.

High Fuel Prices Leading to Flight Reductions?

It has been reported that rising prices of jet fuel are encouraging airlines to cut back on the numbers of flights they are offering from a range of US airports. For instance, one airline is reducing its flights from Newark Liberty International Airport by 3% and from its hub at Houston by 3.8%.

Another airline has been reported as reducing its flight capacity from LAX by 4%, from Washington Dulles Airport by 4.9% and from Chicago O’Hare by 7.2%. Also, Denver International Airport is set to see a reduction in seating capacity from one airline of between 11 and 17%, making it one of the hardest hit airports.

Despite these cuts in flights, possibly due to high prices of fuel, there are few signs that passenger numbers are dropping at the major air hubs such as those mentioned above. This suggests that there will be the same number – or even more, depending on growth – of passengers trying to access fewer flights.

This can lead to TSA delays when checking into airports, which is naturally something that all travelers want to avoid if possible. One option is to book and reserve off-site parking online before you are due to fly; this ensures you have a parking space ready for when you need it, allowing you to park and then take the free off-site shuttle to the airport, rather than driving round in the hope of finding a space at the airport and ending up late.

At a time when anything you can do to make the flying experience easier is welcome, making plans for your airport parking is definitely a good idea.

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Flight Reductions at Denver International Airport

It has been reported that the number of flights scheduled to leave Denver International Airport is set to fall, and yet there is nothing to indicate that passenger numbers are falling. This means that there is likely to be crowding at DEN Airport as the same number of passengers tries to access fewer flights than there were previously.

One of the reasons given for this reduction in DEN flight capacity is rising fuel costs and, although other airports have also been hit by the issue, it seems that Denver International Airport is experiencing a bigger reduction in flight capacity than most.

Between September and December 2011, one of the major airlines serving DEN is cutting between 11% and 17% of seat capacity at Denver Airport and, overall, it is predicted that there will be around 450,000 seats fewer.

One issue that could well arise from this is greater TSA waiting times, which means it’s more important than ever that passengers flying out of DIA do everything they can to make sure they are on time for their flights. One option is to book and confirm off-site parking in advance so you are sure your space is reserved in good time for your flight.

There are several different off-airport parking lot operators close to Denver International Airport. These off-site providers offer free shuttle transport to take passengers from the parking lot to the airport terminal, making sure that as long as you reserve your parking space in advance, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be on time for your flight despite the other issues that are currently affecting the airport.