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Federal Grant to Lengthen Runway at Akron-Canton Airport in Ohio

The Akron-Canton Airport has received a $16.6 million federal grant to extend their runway. According to, the main runway will be lengthened by 600 feet. By making the runway longer the airport will be able to accommodate heavier planes and also allow nonstop flights to destinations such as the West Coast, Mexico and the Caribbean. This is a great convenience for Akron-Canton, Ohio travelers.

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Whole Body Scanners Soon at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

Cleveland, Ohio travelers will soon find travel a revealing experience…in more ways than one! Whole body image scanners that can see beneath clothing will be installed for added security, replacing traditional x-ray machines. Some might think these machines sound like something out of a SciFi movie – but they’re very real and very now.

A whole body image scan is very simple: you enter a little booth and your body is scanned. In another room a full image of your body is shown to the security force. The airport security force can easily see what they refer to as “metallic and non-metallic threats.” The machines available now at the airport for a test period – then they’ll be available for good. The Cleveland Hopkins International Airport will also take into consideration how passengers react to the whole body image scan process. For now the process is optional – you could choose to be pat-down.

When flying from the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, it’s nice to know they are putting your security first with the latest in technology innovations. This will easily protect passengers as they fly nationally and internationally.

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