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Big Changes at John Wayne Airport

On November 14, John Wayne airport will open Terminal C, its largest expansion since 1990 – and they did it on schedule and on budget!

For Southern California travelers who prefer to avoid LAX, this is good news. Read all about it!

Change has Landed in Sacramento

Travelers flying out of Sacremento will notice that a couple of things are different, starting this weekend.

First, most on-site parking rates will be $2 higher starting Sunday, October 30.

Second, five “non-intrusive body image scanners” were introduced today, with three more schedule to arrive by the end of the month.

If you’re worried about the former, check out our Sacramento International Airport page for off-airport parking options.

If you’re worried about the latter, we have two words for you.

Lead. Underwear.

What’s On Your Travel Bucket List?

Whether you consider yourself a globe-trotter or not, most of us have a list of places we’d love to visit one of these days.

Here’s a collection of 100 places that might tickle your fancy, from Vegas to Wat Phra Kaew. (We admit we had to look that one up!)

Yours truly has been to 14 destinations on that list. How about you? Any fabulous places you’d add?

Head over to Twitter or Facebook and let us know!

Road Improvement Impacts LAX

Passengers flying from LAX on 16th and 17th July are advised to leave extra time for their journey to the airport due to the closure of the 405 Freeway. The closure, which is to allow construction workers to demolish the south side of the Mulholland Bridge prior to building a new, better alternative, is due to affect around 10 miles of the freeway.

As a result, there is expected to be traffic congestion and diversions in place that will affect the route to the airport. As a result, some suggestions can be made to passengers flying into or out of Los Angeles International Airport to keep disruption to a minimum and ensure they still make their flights.

Travelers are advised to leave their cars at home or in a public garage if possible: one option is to park use LAX off-site parking lots and take a shuttle bus in, remembering to leave extra time in case of congestion. One thing to bear in mind is that some shuttle diversions are in place due to the freeway closure, so passengers should check ahead to make sure their route is unaffected and, if possible, take a shuttle from downtown LA.

The road works taking place are part of a $1 billion improvement of the 405 Freeway, including the addition of a new carpool lane. With the disruptions expected to continue for some time while the improvements are made, travelers flying to and from LAX are advised to keep up to date with the latest developments so they can make allowances for their journey.

LAX Airport Shuttles are Going Green

It’s good news for airport shuttle users in southern California as a ground transport company implements a new ‘green’ strategy to clean up its operations and make its business more efficient. This is all part of a plan by Los Angeles International Airport that requires all the service vehicle companies that serve the airport to run on alternative fuels by 2015.

The aim here is to help improve air quality, which is why the airport shuttles are now using propane autogas, which is produced domestically and is much cleaner burning than regular fuel. The first four clean technology shuttles are taking to the road in June 2011, with another 20 on their way within the next twelve months.

Propane autogas has one of the lowest lifecycles when it comes to emitting greenhouse gases and it has a whole host of other benefits that recommend it to its new purpose as a fuel for airport shuttle buses. For instance, it leads to 60% less carbon monoxide and 24% less carbon dioxide than normal gas, which means it contributes far less to the creation of smog than do other fuels. As well as reducing carbon emissions, the fuel is said to save up to 30-40% on operating costs, something that is sure to be appreciated by the shuttle company and passengers alike.

It is also a very common option for alternative fuels and is readily available so that any other shuttle companies looking to adopt similar strategies in order to meet the LAX 2015 target should be able to do so relatively easily.