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Security Adds Robot at Boston Logan International Airport Boston Massachusetts

Boston, Massachusetts travelers will be interested to know that a robot has been added to airport security at Boston Logan International Airport. According to, Associated Press has stated that the robot has been added for additional security. This particular robot is skilled in detecting and disarming explosives. With today’s security concerns, airport security is adding many technological innovations never before heard of.

The Boston Logan International Airport robot was created by Black-I Robotics, located in Tyngsborough, Massachusetts. It was funded in part by the 2010 defense budget and also be congressional appropriations in 2008.

This robot was dedicated to a Massachusetts soldier, Lt. Derek Hines, killed in Afghanistan in 2005. Lt. Hines was the son of a state police lieutenant who is located at the Boston Logan International Airport.

Technology certainly offers us wonderful innovations, especially with regards to airport security. We have additionally seen many airports adding the full body scanners for increased security. These technological advances are ideal to help keep travelers safe.

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