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Choose Off Airport Parking When Traveling From Boston Logan International Airport Boston Massachusetts

Boston, Massachusetts travelers will be pleased to know they can choose off airport parking when traveling from the Boston Logan International Airport. Off airport parking is a great convenience, always saving you both time and money. When you choose off airport parking from, you’ll receive five-star service with competitive prices. Boston travelers are always pleased knowing they can pay up to 50% less than what you would pay parking directly at the airport when you choose off airport parking. This is especially a great savings to have as you head out of town on a family vacation, holiday travel or other travel plans.

Off airport parking is very convenient for both family and business travelers. You’ll be pleased with friendly, professional and speedy service at At our off airport parking facilities you’ll be greeted with a fresh, hot cup of coffee and a copy of the day’s newspaper to start your flight and day. Many of our off airport parking facilities offer additional car care services for your convenience and ease, including car waxing and car inspections. Just imagine coming back from the holidays knowing these fussy car care chores are taken care of! Even better than a visit from Santa himself.

As you travel from the Boston Logan International Airport, choose from the following off airport parking facilities:

PreFlight Parking Logan

Politician Talks of Naming Boston’s Logan Airport After Edward Kennedy

Edward M. Kennedy, an active Democratic politician died last week. Millions of people mourned his passing.

Massachusetts politician and Democrat Lori Ehrlich filed legislation today to rename Boston’s Logan International Airport to Logan-Kennedy International Airport. According to The Boston Globe, Matthew Brelis, the spokesman for Massport, which operates the airport things it is an “interesting idea that has merit.” He’s not alone as others are considering the idea with serious interest.

If you are flying from Boston’s Logan International Airport or traveling to the area this is certainly something to pay attention to. We at will be keeping watch for a change in airport name as well as a dedication ceremony.

Should you travel from the Logan International Airport, remember to choose off airport parking from Off airport parking can often save you both time and money. It’s the savvy traveler’s choice when it comes to travel time. Many travelers find simply getting to the airport to be a big hassle. But when you choose off airport parking, you’ll find your travel logistics are much smoother.

When traveling from Boston’s Logan International Airport, choose the following off airport parking facility:

PreFlight Parking Logan – Self-Park