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10 Fun Facts about US Airports

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Chances are that you will end up flying at some point in your life. Spending time in the airport terminals can sometimes seem interminable. Here are some interesting facts about United States airports that may surprise you – and make your next trip a little more fun!

Passengers Advised To Plan Ahead For ATL Terminal Changes

A new terminal is set to open next spring at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. One of the main aims of this new terminal is to make things easier for international travelers, who previously had to go through a slightly confusing process of checking in their bags then rechecking it after clearing customs, before taking a train to the main terminal.

One issue that does arise from this new terminal is making sure everyone knows which terminal they need to use at ATL. With many travelers so used to the current layout of Hartsfield-Jackson, the airport faces a challenge in educating the public about who can use which terminal – and how to get to each terminal. For instance, while international travelers need to take one road to get to the new international terminal, another road is needed for domestic travelers heading to the main terminal.

With the new ATL terminal due to open next spring, for all regular visitors to Hartsfield Jackson Airport it’s worth planning in advance to make sure you avoid any confusion.

Atlanta Airport To Sell Bonds To Complete New Terminal

Atlanta Airport is to pay an extra $30 million in lease payments to its major airline carriers, effectively in the form of bonds. The aim is to keep plans to complete a new terminal at Hartsfield Jackson on track for completion in 2012. The Airport has already raised taxi charges and parking fee’s, a move which has benefitted some off Airport parking lots.

Delays At Atlanta Airport Can Affect US Airspace Nationally

A recent study of increased delays at US airports can in large part be attributed to any delays at Atlanta Airport. Staggeringly any delays at Hartsfield Jackson, recognised as the worlds busiest airport can affect the entire domestic US airspace!

Despite ATL being ranked 29th out of 31 major airports for on time performance last year it has siginicantly increased in 2010 and is now ranked 16th. Many worry about the future of ATL and whether it is taking significant action to deal with an expected increase in long term passenger numbers.

Souther Field Airport Renamed Jimmy Carter Regional Airport in Americus, GA

Georgia residents may feel especially pleased that the Souther Field Airport has been renamed the Jimmy Carter Regional Airport in Americus, GA. The airport has been named to honor former President Jimmy Carter. It is located just fifteen minutes from former President Carter’s hometown of Plains. According to U.S.A. Today, the airport was officially renamed on October 11th.

The Jimmy Carter Regional Airport is well known for being the location from which Charles Lindbergh made his very first solo flight.

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