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Southwest Air Pleases Customers with WiFi Service

Customers flying Southwest Airlines will be pleased to know they can enjoy Wi-Fi services fleetwide on the airline. The Row 44 Satellite service will begin in the first quarter of 2010, starting a steep competition between Southwest’s Row 44 and Aircell’s Gogo Inflight Internet Wi-Fi Services.

Southwest apparently has tested Row 44 service on four aircraft since February 2009 and has received great customer feedback. While Southwest is at a Wi-Fi competitive disadvantage until it catches up with several major airlines that do have the Gogo service, they are confident about Row 44.

Row 44 has been tested to use not only laptops but iPhones and other Wi-Fi enabled devices such as smartphones. This service is a great convenience not only for the busy business traveler but for the techy family traveler on-the-go.

When you choose off airport parking, you’ll have plenty of time to take full advantage of Row 44. With off airport parking through, you’ll save time making your GUARANTEED RESERVATION at their 24-hour website in advance. Your parking space is waiting for you as you arrive at the off airport parking facility. Spend more time enjoying Wi-Fi service, connecting with important business clients, researching a school project or contacting family members.


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