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Holiday Carolers at the George Bush Intercontental Airport Houston Texas

Houston, Texas holiday travelers through the George Bush Intercontinental Airport can enjoy something special this season: holiday carolers. These holiday carolers are local Houston schoolchildren who have come to share their musical gifts. Travelers can enjoy holiday song favorites such as “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” and “Jingle Bells.” According to the website, some of the schoolchildren arrived ready to sing dressed quite festively for the holiday season wearing red and white matching Santa Claus hats. Travelers enjoyed hearing them sing as they passed by catching their flights.

Choosing off airport parking from is the ideal choice for the Houston traveler. You’ll always have time to enjoy fun and unique offerings at the airport like the schoolchildren caroling. The George Bush Intercontinental Airport may h have other holiday performances scheduled, and you certainly wouldn’t want to miss them! Off airport parking is the savvy traveler’s choice. By choosing off airport parking, you’ll always have time to stop and enjoy the airport, grab a quick bite to eat or even pick up a few souvenirs for loved ones.

As you travel from the George Bush Intercontinental Airport, choose from the following off airport parking facilities:

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Enjoy the George Bush International Airport When Choosing Off Airport Parking Houston Texas

Houston, Texas travelers have a wonderful airport to look forward to as they travel. The George Bush International Airport in Houston, Texas is filled with great shops and restaurants that travelers enjoy. What a perfect way to pick up a souvenir of your Houston trip – or take a lovely gift to family and friends as you visit around the world? Be sure to enjoy the George Bush International Airport when you choose off airport parking.

Houston travelers especially know that off airport parking will save them time and is a great convenience as they travel. By making their GUARANTEED RESERVATION at’s 24-hour website, Houston travelers can make their reservation at any time they please. Whether early in the morning or later in the day…any time is the right time to reserve your parking place. There’s no need to make lengthy calls or get placed on hold as you speak to an agent to make your reservation. Just a small deposit reserves your parking place for the duration of your summer vacation or business trip.

Houston travelers will want to make a special shop at George Bush International Airport restaurants such as Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen for a delicious seafood lunch or dinner. Or to stop at Pappasito’s Cantina for a casual meal. Enjoy fine, upscale shopping such as    Brooks Brothers and the Bass Pro Shop, perfect for buying that family member or friend a nice gift.

These travelers also know that off airport parking offers excellent service. They can count on off airport parking facilities to keep their cars cool and clean, free from the heat in the summer and protected from summer thunderstorms and hailstorms. Year-round off airport parking facilities protect your car from the elements. This is the ideal choice for anyone who cares about their car and wants to return to find it in pristine condition.

When traveling from the George Bush International Airport, choose from the following off airport parking facilities:


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