Steer Clear of Pesky Airline Fees

Are you still trying to wrap your head around all the money you just dished out for your latest flight? Well, don’t let yourself stress over future flight costs – get around those sneaky airline fees instead! From seat selection to early boarding, there are many ways travelers can end up spending way more money than they bargained for. Don’t get caught in the airlines’ traps. Instead, follow these helpful tips and kiss those onerous fees goodbye.

Ditch the Checked Bag
Hate baggage fees? Who doesn’t? We know it’s not always possible to travel with just a carry-on, but for those weekend or overnight trips, pack practically and sparsely so you can leave your checked luggage at home. That’ll save you $25 here and there – that might not seem like much, but that adds up quickly if you travel frequently. So next time, sport a handy little carry-on and spend that extra money on some fun souvenirs.

Travel Light
Don’t let overweight bags put a damper on your vacation, either. If you think $25 fees can add up quickly … well, the charges of $50 or more for overweight luggage (usually more than 40 to 50 pounds, depending on the airline) will add up even quicker! Go the extra step and weigh the suitcase yourself before you leave. Is your bag overweight? Start chucking the non-essentials and give your back (and your wallet) a break!

Purchase Online
Are you still a bit “old school” in that you like talking to a human when buying your tickets? Well, while you might prefer a friendly conversation instead of an impersonal online purchase, that chat will cost you. Some airlines charge an extra fee for purchasing your flight over the phone, and your wallet will take an even bigger beating if you want a face-to-face interaction. Buy your tickets online, and save the chat for your in-flight neighbors.

Ignore Premium Seating
Sure, everyone loves the idea of being able to stretch out those weary legs, but for most of us, this is a rare luxury when you’re flying. It’s obviously tempting to pay the extra fee for an exit row or other cushier spot, but you could get the same legroom at no cost if you have a little patience. Airlines often will release premium seats at no extra charge if there is little interest. So go with the free seat, but keep eyeballing that seating availability to snatch up that coveted legroom.

Put these hints to good use, and you’ll be a thrifty jetsetter. And don’t let airline fees put a damper on your vacation ever again!

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  • Christine

    I use all of these when I fly!