New Screening Technologies and Procedures at Airports

Airlines are acutely aware of the fact that most people find flying (and the whole airport process) to be a hassle at very best. In their attempt to make the security process faster, more efficient and dare I say even safer, many airlines are turning to new technologies to alleviate their customer’s frustrations and concerns. If you’re an avid flyer and you’re curious as to what’s coming soon to an airport near you, take a look at these 5 new screening technologies and procedures.


1. 3D checkpoint scanning

With the use of specialized CT scanning machines, TSA officers will be able to get a three-dimensional, detailed and rotatable viewing of passenger’s bags for more thorough screenings. This will help keep everyone onboard safer; weapons and other illegal items will be detected with more accuracy thanks to the three-dimensional imagery. On top of keeping fliers safe, this is also great news for those that were impacted by the recent laptop ban. Once 3D scanning is implemented nation-wide, passengers will be able to safely pack their laptops and even carry liquids on-board again since security officers will be able to get a clearer view of your packed items. This exciting technology is being tested in a handful of airports right now with plans to roll out more of these smart machines in the coming months. 

The Worst Types of Airline Passengers

Every year, Expedia compiles its famous “Annual Airplane Etiquette Study” where they poll frequent flyers in an attempt to find the worst airline passenger grievances. We would never want our readers to be unruly fellow passengers, so we’re highlighting some of the worst offenders (in no particular order). We also include tips so you won’t have to worry about being one of the most hated people on your next flight.


1.) The Rear Seat Kicker

Crowned as the number one most annoying type of passenger for the third year in a row, rear seat kickers can quickly derail a normal flight and reduce it to a flight from hell. Nothing is worse than trying to catch some shut-eye and continually getting jostled by an inconsiderate passenger behind you. Scathing looks and muttered comments have no effect on this selfish flier. With that said, when you board your next flight, be considerate of others: keep your feet firmly planted on the floor and avoid hitting the seat in front of you if you’d like to avoid the hatred of the passenger in front of you.


2.) Chatty Cathy

Some people love making connections with fellow passengers and cite it as one of the reasons they love to travel. And then there are others who wish to talk as little as possible to complete strangers. If you’re one who likes to chat, that’s fine if you find a fellow conversationalist. But learn to read the room. If a person has their headphones on and is facing the other direction, take a hint and keep the small-talk to a minimum.

When Do I Need a Visa to Travel?


International travel can often seem tricky to those who don’t country-hop frequently. Between passports, visas, birth certificates and the varying rules from country to country, it might seem easier to just stay home than to plan a foreign trip. But we’re here to set the record straight and alleviate your traveling stress with a breakdown of Visas so you’ll know exactly what you need for your next vacation!


1. Traveling Without a Visa

If you’d like to travel with just your passport and not have to go through the hassle of applying for an international visa, you have plenty of options including the entirety of Europe. But be aware that there are restrictions. You can only stay in certain countries for a set period of time without obtaining a visa. If you’re vacationing or heading out on a business trip for less than a month, your options are vast. There are many countries that allow US Passport holders to stay for up to 30 days, like Aruba, Jamaica, Thailand or the Dominican Republic. Some countries let you stay for up to 90 days without a visa such as Sweden, Iceland, Italy, Germany, Bermuda, France, Greece and New Zealand. If you’re looking to travel for up to 6 months, you can gain entry to Mexico, The Bahamas, United Kingdom or Canada with just your passport.

Top Ten Movies to Inspire Travel

When you want to incite some wanderlust, there’s no better way to get travel inspiration than to watch a great movie that takes place in a far-off land. If you’ve got the travel itch and need to scratch it, we’ve got the best list for you! These 10 travel movies will incite travel fever and get you from couch-surfing to body-surfing in no time!


1. Lost In Translation

This under-appreciated movie is a city-lovers dream film. Taking place in the middle of energetic Tokyo, the film chronicles the ennui experienced by two random Americans sharing the same hotel. This beautiful film is brimming with city lights, unique culture and plenty of humor.


2. Into the Wild

Inspired by real events, “Into the Wild” follows the travels of a wanderer who cuts ties with his family and sets out for adventure across the USA, eventually ending up in Alaska. Moments of interaction between the locals are the highlight of this film, but it’ll still inspire those who’ve always desired an iconic American road trip.

Where Can I Find the Best Travel Deals?

Are you putting off traveling for lack of funds? There are a few sites that I keep in my travel planning arsenal that save me hundreds of dollars on hotels, flights and car rentals every time I book. Take a look at my favorite travel deal websites so you can stop pinching pennies and start planning your next vacation!




1.) SkyScannerThe flexibility of this website is astonishing. You can search for flights throughout a whole country or region which means no more having to search each local airport separately. You can also leave the arriving city open-ended and the site will list the cheapest flights from your departing city first, which is great if you are unsure of a destination or are very budget-driven. The site also allows you to search an entire month’s worth of flights to ensure the very best deal.

2.) Secret FlyingDon’t book a flight without checking Secret Flying first. This site aggregates all airline price errors (that the companies legally have to honor) and it happens more often than you’d think!

3.) Airfare WatchdogThis comprehensive website compiles all discount and mistake fares in one place to save you a ridiculous amount of money. Use the “top fares” feature to snag the lowest prices or comb through all of the budget airlines in one fell swoop.