White Winter Holiday Destinations

It’s the Holiday Season, especially in some quintessential winter destinations. But if you happen to live in a warm locale that doesn’t mean your holiday can’t be white. If your ideal winter vacation is spent roasting chestnuts on an open fire while fluffy snow falls outside, check out our list of the best white winter holiday destinations for your best winter wonderland yet!

Guide to Stress-Free Winter Holiday Travel 

The holidays are stressful for everyone, and that stress can be compounded if you happen to be traveling during this hectic time of year, too. Worries about flights, gifts, and preparations may threaten to derail your plans to have a relaxing holiday, but with our guide to stress-free winter travel, you can make it through even the busiest traveling days with ease!

Are Cruises the New Holiday Travel Trend?



For years, cruise lines offered steep discounts on any sailings that took place over a holiday because they couldn’t fill all of their cabins, but that’s changed over the past few years. With all of the new innovations in cruising, these ships have become the new Disney World for families and the new “Beaches” resorts for couples, giving holiday cruising renewed life. What’s the benefit to spending your holiday on a ship vs. land, and is it right for you? Keep reading to get the details on this new travel trend.

The Best Ways to Avoid Thanksgiving Travel Anxiety

Even if you have a deathly fear of flying, sometimes you just have to board an airplane, especially if you have family across the country and the holidays are approaching. If you’re visiting family or friends this Thanksgiving, take a look at our guide to avoiding the anxiety that comes with traveling at this time of year.

13 Essentials for Business Travelers

Traveling for business can be either aggravating or relaxing, depending on the accessories you pack. Take a look at these 13 essential items that will make your next work trip a piece of cake.