Where do FLL parking customers park and how much does it cost?

This article is part of a series that highlights different airports and shares insights from our surveyed customers about parking and the general airport experience. Most of the time, we see the same customer feedback across the board, but when we surveyed customers about their FLL parking experience this airport stood out amongst the rest.



Our customers love parking and flying out of FLL airport! Apart from the usual ‘get there early’ and ‘beware of traffic’ advice, there wasn’t much else they complained about. Don’t take it from us though, here’s what our customers have shared with us:

“It’s a great airport to get around, easy.”

“Great airport to fly in/out of. Easy access, friendly staff, quick TSA.”

“Less hassle compared to MIA.”

“I prefer traveling out of Ft. Lauderdale International airport. It is easy to get to and navigate as the terminals are better designed. The TSA staff is the same as in any other airport I’ve used, but the lines are usually shorter. The airport provides free WiFi which is convenient. It seems better organized than MIA. As far as tips go, I recommend to any travelers to give themselves ample time to get there before their flights, especially if parking outside the airport. It makes it for a less stressful start if one’s journey.”

Where does everyone park at BWI Airport?

BWI Parking guide

Sometimes new customers need help figuring out what parking lots and options are best for their airport. That’s where we come in! We surveyed current customers to get the latest details on parking at BWI. Read on for more…

Why is it so hard to get the airline seat assignment that you want?

If you’re like the average traveler, you’ve spent at least thirty million hours trying to perfect your travel plans. Perhaps half of those hours were spent trying to find a seat on your flight where you may have a modicum of comfort for the hours you’re trapped in the sky. But then you get to the gate and receive a nasty surprise! Your seat assignment has been changed by the airline. Why do airlines make it seemingly impossible to get the seat you desire? And what can we do, as passengers, to ensure that we get the seat we want? Read on for our guide to getting the best seat on your next flight. 

Where’s the best place to park at JFK & how much does it cost?

Flying out of an airport can be a daunting experience – JFK is no exception. And while we know a thing or two about airport parking, we can’t possibly know everything. That’s why we roped in our customers to tell us what the real deal is when it comes to parking at JFK Airport.

Ok, let’s talk about JFK parking:

Our customers know what’s important when it comes to parking at JFK airport. Apart from price, 64% stated that distance to the airport is a huge factor when choosing a parking spot. With traffic around the city, this comes as no surprise. Customers also hold past experience with a parking lot (60.5%), as well as other customer reviews (46.5%) in high regard. On the flip side, coupons (10.5%) and additional amenities (4.7%) offered by a parking lot aren’t deal breakers when choosing a spot.

Where should you park at SeaTac and how much does it cost?

Here at AirportParkingReservations.com, we have a pretty great and knowledgeable group of customers who aren’t anything less than ‘travel savvy’. We recently reached out to the folks who regularly fly out of Seattle-Tacoma Intl. Airport for the inside scoop. Here’s what they had to say about Seattle Airport parking, navigating the airport and everything in between.


“Shop around for parking options – lots available”.

– AirportParkingReservations.com Customer

We couldn’t agree more! Our site has a ton of SeaTac parking options for the right price, amenities or location. When we polled our customers, Extra Car Airport Parking made the top of the list. 23.5% of respondents park there when flying out of SEA. A customer praised their services saying, “We always use ExtraCar they drop you off and pick you up, always quick, we have never had to wait more than 5 minutes.”