Top 10 Travel Bloggers to Follow on Instagram

Sometimes, you need some travel inspiration in your life, and there’s no better place to turn than to Instagram. But with the millions of users and billions of pictures to wade through, it may seem impossible to find a traveler that shares your sense of adventure. If you’ve been yearning for some beautiful vacation pictures to brighten up your feed, check out these top 10 travel bloggers to follow on Instagram!


1. @muradosmann

My favorite one 🙂 ….#followmeto Myanmar with my love @natalyosmann

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With 4.5 million followers and the creators of the hashtag #followmeto, we’re sure that you’ve seen some of Murad Osman’s creative photography before. And if you follow no one else on this list but Mr. Osmann, your life will still be infinitely better for it! Russian-born photographer Murad features stunning photographs of his wife, Nataly, leading him through the world’s most picturesque locales while always dressed perfectly for the occasion. Murad’s account is just as much travel inspiration as it is romantic, so if you’re looking for sheer beauty, look no further!

Avoid Using These Hand Gestures (and Emojis) In Other Countries

Travelers know that there are language barriers when they travel to foreign countries, but were you aware that those barriers extend beyond mere words? In some countries, certain body language and hand gestures that we use with impunity in America could land you in some major hot water overseas. And with emoji use, it’s so ingrained in our culture that we don’t even think twice before adding a smiley face or poop emoji to our texts.

Although we think we’re being cute, we may be doing more harm than good depending on the culture we’re visiting. It’s always a wise idea to research local customs before traveling somewhere new to avoid any embarrassment. But for a quick reference, read on to see what gestures, body language, and emojis to avoid if you’re heading out on an international trip soon!

What To Do When Filing a Travel Insurance Claim

One of the last things you want to do while on vacation is have to file an insurance claim. And if you think that would put a damper on your trip, imagine if the claim were denied. Considering up to 10% of travel insurance claims are turned down every year, it’s definitely a possibility, but one that can be greatly minimized if you’re prepared ahead of time. In order to help you circumvent any possible issues should the unthinkable happen, we’ve compiled this guide to filing an travel insurance claim the proper way!

1. Choosing the right insurance

Your insurance claim is only as good as the insurance that’s backing it, so do some research on travel insurance before you even book your trip. When you’re ready to get quotes, make sure to download a couple of different policies and read through each thoroughly before making a final decision. Be aware of sections such as pre-existing conditions and read those with a fine-tooth comb. These can be tricky.

Good Destinations for Solo Travelers

Despite solo traveling being one of the biggest sectors in the travel industry, it’s still treated like the red-headed stepchild of the vacation world. Often when telling people that I’m traveling on my own, I get a comical mix of shock, fear, disbelief and sometimes a twinge of sympathy, even though it’s my choice to travel sans companion.


But what may be lost in translation is that solo traveling is quite possibly the best way to travel. You’re on your own itinerary to do as you wish, whether that means reading a good book or hitting up a local event. But trying to convince people that it’s a safe venture is a difficult task. If you’ve been wanting to take the plunge of traveling on your own but don’t know where to start, take a look at these 7 best (and safest) destinations for solo travelers.

What Other Countries Think of Americans

After traveling extensively for over a decade and hosting many families from all over the world, we’ve heard our share of gripes and praise regarding Americans. Whether they are stereotypes or things that truly envelop the culture of the United States, we’ve heard it all.  Sometimes their thoughts have enlightened us and made us behave more consciously while visiting other countries and other times we’ve had to struggle to keep from laughing out loud. We decided to compile a list of some of our favorite things we’ve heard from foreigners over the years and what seems to be a common thread among those views. 


Americans are pretty darn popular

When we first started visiting other countries, we were often blown away by how receptive its citizens were to us as Americans. We thought that foreigners hated ‘loud, rude and pretentious Americans.’ But, as a country, we’ve found that we’re generally quite well-loved. The United States offers a plethora of aid during times of crisis all around the world, we boost economies with our tourism and we stand for progressive human rights like marriage and gender equality, and freedom of speech, which makes us pretty admirable among our world peers. As individuals, we also tend to be friendly and generous tippers, adding to our likability.