Jacksonville (JAX) Airport Parking

Plans to hike up airport parking rates at Jacksonville Airport (JAX) have travelers looking for other parking options.  Even without the price hike, parking costs as little as six dollars a day…and that’s in the economy lots.  Parking at the airport lots can cost as much as twenty dollars a day, or, during the holiday season, twenty-five dollars a day.  Furthermore, while you can pay for your parking in a variety of methods, you cannot reserve your parking space.  Like most airports, Jacksonville’s parking lots run on a first-come, first-served basis.

Where then, can travelers turn to park for affordable rates, and with the reassuring knowledge that their parking space will be empty and waiting for them when they arrive at JAX?  AirportParkingReservations.com offers both the ability to receive guaranteed reservations and a low rate–as little as about five dollars a day, and without plans to hike up the fees.

In addition, the airport parking available on APR offers highly-rated service based on over one hundred customer surveys.  The lots are open twenty four hours a day and most offer a complementary shuttle between your car and your terminal.  Valet and covered airport parking lots are available.  JAX airport parking lots will charge you twenty dollars a day for valet parking, yet with APR, you can park in a valet airport parking lot for less than ten dollars a day.

Los Angeles (LAX) Airport Parking

Where can you find a dozen options for airport parking at or near Los Angeles International Airport, where you can get a guaranteed reservation?  AirportParkingReservations.com continues to offer secure service that allows you to book your parking in advance, and for low rates.  While you can expect to pay, at minimum, $8 per day at one of the LAX airport parking lots, by reserving your space ahead of time with one of the lots available through APR you can pay as little as less than $6 per day, which, after a week of parking, does add up.

There’s more to parking than price though.  And of course, guaranteed reservations are a plus; nothing is more aggravating than missing your flight simply because you couldn’t find a parking space on time, especially if you’ve taken other measures to ensure your on-time arrival at the airport altogether.  So what can you look forward to from the airport parking lots available for Los Angeles Airport?

  • You can rely on highly rated lots.  With three and a half or more stars each, customer ratings are based on hundreds of surveys taken by airport parking customers who used AirportParkingReservations.com to book their airport parking spaces.
  • You can choose from a variety of different types of airport parking, including self-park, valet, covered and indoor lots.
  • Plenty of airport parking lots are open twenty-four hours a day, which means you have access to your car even if you end up taking an earlier flight back and arrive at your terminal at three in the morning.
  • Many of APR’s aiport parking lots offer complimentary shuttle service from the lot to your terminal.  These shuttles typically run every fifteen minutes which means not only will you be on time for your flight, but you won’t have to wait around very long at the parking lot.  The shuttles are also available to bring you back to your car from your terminal, and either run on a schedule or can be called using a courtesy phone in the baggage areas of your terminal.