Pack Like a Pro

Do you know anyone whose favorite part of travel is packing?

Neither do we.

But we all do it, and doing it well makes all the difference on your trip. These great tips might just get you excited to pack your next bag! (And don’t forget our tips on avoiding baggage fees!)

Got a great packing tip of your own? Share it in the comments!

Packing is an art and a science, and getting it right makes all the difference for your trip.

  • Halleh

    I like to wear a shirt or jacket with a lot of pockets, so I can keep my flight essentials on me (book, iPod, headphones, inflatable pillow, etc.) and stow my bag in the overhead for more legroom.

    • Rebecca

      That’s a great strategy – as long as you remember to put it all in a bin at security!

  • Krista

    This video is pretty amazing. I find it unpractical for most situations (they don’t account for shoes, toiletries, etc. and it would be a pain to get any one item out if you’re only going on a short trip), but it is pretty amazing to watch, nonetheless.

    • Rebecca

      That IS amazing… You’re right, a pain for a quick trip, but if you’re going somewhere for a while and can unpack, it’s definitely worth a try!