On Airport Parking Management Issues at Burlington Airport

There is a growing issue faced by Burlington International Airport as the management of the parking garage under current terms is considered to be too expensive. For years, the city’s Department of Public Works has been in charge of the contract concerning the Burlington Airport parking garage, but this is now thought to be unsustainable and an alternative solution is being sought.

The Airport Commission has been seeking proposals from other firms interested in managing the parking garage and has received several offers, which are now being compared with the prices and services offered by the Department of Public Works.

One issue arising is that the ultimate decision over the management of the BTV Airport parking garage, which has recently benefited from a $13 million expansion, is that the final decision rests not with the Airport Commission but with the city’s mayor. The mayor’s office has said that the lowest cost solution for the management is not guaranteed to be the chosen option. The contract also has to be approved by the City Council.

In the 2010 fiscal year, the contract managed by the Department of Public Works on behalf of the airport was worth $884,000 and the DPW also took a 5% cut of revenues generated by parking at the BTV Airport garage. The airport is currently struggling with debt and is under pressure from ratings agencies to cut its deficit. Already, $1 million has been cut from the airport’s budget and it looks like the cost of the airport parking contract is now under review as part of the ongoing cost-cutting measures.

Off-airport parking for Burlington Airport can be found here.

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