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Why Don’t Americans Travel Internationally?

As frequent international travelers, we’re often surprised by how few of our fellow Americans travel abroad. We meet travelers from a whole host of other countries, but it’s rare to run into someone else from the good old USA. Why is that? You would think that since America is a first world country that we could afford to globe-trot whenever the urge strikes. And most of the world is taught English in school, so we have the advantage of there being a smaller language barrier than with other countries. So what’s holding us back? We asked around and did some research and found that these are the four main reasons keeping Americans grounded. 


1. It Takes Time 

Among the many wonderful reasons to live in America, flexible vacation time is not one of them. Workers in America aren’t given many vacation days and often can’t take more than one week at a time, which is not conducive to traveling to other countries. Most international trips aren’t worth the hassle if you don’t have at least 2 weeks to mitigate jet lag and spend time exploring a new country. It takes almost a whole day just to travel to some countries! So planning a great international trip doesn’t sound as glorious if you only have one week to spend doing it. Add that to the fact that some overworked Americans don’t even take all of their allotted vacation time and you have a recipe for staying in the United States year after year.

The Worst Types of Airline Passengers

Every year, Expedia compiles its famous “Annual Airplane Etiquette Study” where they poll frequent flyers in an attempt to find the worst airline passenger grievances. We would never want our readers to be unruly fellow passengers, so we’re highlighting some of the worst offenders (in no particular order). We also include tips so you won’t have to worry about being one of the most hated people on your next flight.


1.) The Rear Seat Kicker

Crowned as the number one most annoying type of passenger for the third year in a row, rear seat kickers can quickly derail a normal flight and reduce it to a flight from hell. Nothing is worse than trying to catch some shut-eye and continually getting jostled by an inconsiderate passenger behind you. Scathing looks and muttered comments have no effect on this selfish flier. With that said, when you board your next flight, be considerate of others: keep your feet firmly planted on the floor and avoid hitting the seat in front of you if you’d like to avoid the hatred of the passenger in front of you.


2.) Chatty Cathy

Some people love making connections with fellow passengers and cite it as one of the reasons they love to travel. And then there are others who wish to talk as little as possible to complete strangers. If you’re one who likes to chat, that’s fine if you find a fellow conversationalist. But learn to read the room. If a person has their headphones on and is facing the other direction, take a hint and keep the small-talk to a minimum.

Featured Lot – Airport Center at LAX

Shuttle to LAX

Time for another great parking partner – this time in sunny Los Angeles – as part of our Featured Lots program, highlighting some of our best parking partners from around the US and Canada!

Featured Lot – Newark Airport Long Term Parking at EWR

Shuttle at EWR TerminalWe’re bringing you another one of our great parking partners – this time in the busy Newark market – to highlight some of our best parking partners from around the US and Canada!

Featured Lots – Anza at SFO and ExtraCar at SEA/TSC

Anza Parking San Francisco International Airport

This week, we’re excited to bring you the first installment of our new and ongoing program to highlight some of our best parking partners from around the US and Canada!

Our first featured lots are in the super-busy travel hubs of San Francisco and Seattle.