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“Adult-Only” Cruise Line, Virgin Voyages, Sets Sail 2020

If you’ve ever been on a cruise, chances are good that you’ve heard at least one person complaining about children running amok on the ship. Well, Sir Richard Branson has come along to solve these cruisers’ woes with the first adults-only cruise ship scheduled to set sail in April 2020. The Scarlet Lady will be the first ship in the Virgin Voyages adults only cruise line and it is shaping up to be just as magnificent as the rest of the Virgin group. Virgin Voyages president and CEO Tom McAlpin used to be president of Disney Cruises, so you know there’s seasoned personnel making it an experience worth remembering. Keep reading for the scoop on this exciting new vacation experience!

GeoSIM : The New Global SIM Card of Your Dreams

GeoSIM International SIM card

Staying connected while traveling internationally can be difficult. If it’s your first time going out of the country, it can be downright confusing. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on international roaming charges and data charges, you’ll need a global SIM card.

Sabre: The Program Responsible For Flight Delays Across America

You may have read about a slew of airline errors in the news lately, ranging from downright terrifying to simply puzzling (like the British Airways flight that landed in a city 500 miles from its original destination). One of the mishaps was a computer outage in the Sabre program that caused delays across multiple airlines and pandemonium for almost an hour. How did this happen and who did it effect? We have all of the answers to your questions in this helpful guide.

Do I Need a Visa to Get Into Europe? 

There has been a lot of confusion amongst travelers regarding travel restrictions in Europe recently. Up until recently, Americans were free to travel throughout most of Europe for up to 90 days (within a 6-month span) without anything more than a passport.

So do you need a visa to go to Europe?

Will Daylight Saving Time Affect Your Flight?

With Daylight Saving Time starting this Sunday, clocks will spring forward an hour, making it crucial for those who have travel plans to prepare accordingly. Although most digital devices like phones and computers will automatically adjust to the time change, that doesn’t mean you’re in the clear and don’t need to plan ahead. If you have a flight and need to know how Daylight Saving Time will affect your travel, read on for our guide to mastering the time change.