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We thought we’d take a break from travel news to share some of the latest happenings on our social media outposts.

We’ve been asking our fellow Facebookers about their favorite vacation destinations, and have gotten some great responses. So far, sunny spots are ahead by a lot (no surprise there), with a few exotic locales rounding things out. If you haven’t added your two cents yet, stop by and chime in! There’s a Coupon Code in it for you 😉

If you prefer sitting back and being entertained, stop by our YouTube channel! We’ve added two new videos in a not-so-new style… Think Mad Men meets airport parking.

And if three is your magic number, round out the day by checking us out on Twitter. You’ll get the best and most interesting travel news from all over the web.

And coming soon to this blog – comments, photos, and everything you expect from, you know, a blog.