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What AirportParkingReservations.com Customers are Saying…

Our customers are our #1 priority, so we’re proud they feel the love! Here’s what they have to say about AirportParkingReservations.com:

Michael on Facebook – “Why do you make airport parking so easy? Much easier to use your site than go through all the different lots at the airport…and it is cheaper too!”

@katiesonntag on Twitter – “Totally recommend using @airport_parking! Quick, efficient, and inexpensive. Worth it!”

Rosanne on Facebook – “Awesome rates and service. Definitely recommend to anyone!!! You will not be disappointed!”

@charyssma on Twitter “@airport_parking is even awesomer with its rewards program! Just got $5 off what is already #cheap parking at DCA!”

Mike on Facebook – “I have used Airport Parking Reservations for over a year now. It is so easy to use and I love the money I save with using them. The rewards program is great.”

@jaspegz on Twitter – “Just found out about this but @airport_parking is so clutch. Definitely going to be using this a lot.”

Sue on Facebook – “They sure live up to their mission!”

Find out what all the praise is about – join Airport Parking Rewards, sign up to get Coupon Codes by email, and reserve today!

Hawaii Honeymoon (with 6 people and no wedding!)

Operations Manager Carlos went to Hawaii for his honeymoon – but he didn’t know it!

This week, our Operations Manager, Carlos, shares the strange story of his accidental Hawaii Honeymoon… Enjoy!

It all started with a search for cheap flights to Hawaii while sitting on a couch in a friend’s living room. There happened to be a good deal for a round-trip flight from LA to Maui, and minutes later a group of 6 of us were weeks away from what would become my pre-wedding honeymoon trip.

Spotlight on Austin, Texas

photo credit: eschipul via photopin cc

Austin, Texas is rich in culture, history and diversity. It is a city bursting with interesting sights and thrilling activities. Many people travel there to attend the famous South by Southwest festival, but the capital city has much more to offer. Whether you want to explore museums, taste local flavors or dance the night away, you will be captivated by the culture and excitement of this fascinating city.

The Best College Towns in the US

Best College Towns in the US

photo credit: Cavalier92 via photopin cc

Whether or not you’re into basketball, it’s a great time of year to celebrate college culture – and college towns. You’ll find college towns are in every region of the country, and a variety of factors make them great places to visit and live. Most of these towns pack exciting entertainment venues, dining options, and cultural attractions. Here are five examples of outstanding college towns across the nation.

Traditional Collegiate Atmosphere In Amherst, Massachusetts
Amherst, Massachusetts is one of those college towns that is a close-knit community that centers around continuous learning. It is home to three of the “five colleges” in that region. Students enrolled in one of the group’s colleges may take any courses at any of the other colleges. So a myriad of students constantly travel among the three college towns one of which is Amherst. Even the colleges’ curricula format encourages students to think creatively and critically. At one of the colleges, students design their own degree program and decide what courses to take. Since the barriers to free thought have been demolished, the love of learning spills over from the colleges into the surrounding town.

Easter Celebrations Around the World

Add some international flair to your Easter celebration!

photo credit: Jarosław Pocztarski via photopin cc

Like most religious holidays, Easteris celebrated all over the world, and every culture has established its own traditions. Whether you’re traveling abroad this Easter, or keeping traditions alive at home, we hope you’ll enjoy reading about how other people around the world are spending the holiday.